How to get string joints to move smoothly?

I’ve never used a body with string joints before, and I thought I’d ask before assembling the baby (this is for myself, not for sale). How DO you get string joints loose enough for the limbs to move smoothly, but tight enough so that the limbs don’t come off? Is there a special knot or something, or is it just trial and error?

You can’t use the strings, they need to be replaced with zip ties


You mean string ties? You can put them through the channel twice. Then when you tighten it, it stays put. If you only put them through once they tend to loosen and the limbs fall off.

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Some people prefer strings so there is no head to the cable tie felt.
I replace them though.
If I was going to use strings I would coat the flanges like normal then tie them. A little loose but not enough to pop off

Do you mean securing limbs to the body? Instead of using plastic joints? BB sells jointed bodies so arms/legs can move easily. I used fishing line for cloth dolls before finding plastic joints. Thread eventually broke

If it is a jointed body I tie the arms and legs as tight as I can because they don’t have to turn where the fabric meets the vinyl. And then I use a neck ring and tie the string as tight as I can. If it is a non-jointed body, full limbs, I have been using pledge to coat the groove in the limb to make it a little bit slipperier and then tie the string as tight as I can but before I actually tighten the knot I give the limb a little bit of a turn to make sure it’s just loose enough. You could also use rings on the limbs but I have only done this once, the pledge works just fine for me. I normally tie my strings three times.

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Just pull the strings out and replace with zip ties.

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