How to fix this

what can I do to fix it it wasn’t there until I put the matte finish on and baked the last bake

Your picture is not clear enough to show what the problem is.

its on the little finger looks like a bubble I bought this kit as first quatily kit

Is it possible that you overheated when you baked? I’m not sure how to fix something like this. Maybe one of the more experienced reborners can help.

thank you. I’m guess I will buy another arm and try it again the other parts turn out fine.
I just cut the bubble off I will try to fill it with matte varnish and see what happend’s

It kind of looks like it touched a hot element.

I would contact whoever you bought the kit from to see if you can get a replacement - this is definitely a flaw in the vinyl and not caused by anything you did. I would not cut the bubbles off! You could try heating the vinyl and then popping the bubbles with a small needle when the vinyl is still hot. As the vinyl cools, the bubbles may smooth out considerably.

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I already cut it off the bubble and it was a little hole so I had some old glazing gel that was thick and filled it in it’s in the oven now
I bought the kit from bb but now it’s to late to say anything. I guess I will order another set of arms or should I just sell the kit as is

the glazying gel worked I decided to finish her and donate her. it looks like a boo boo on her finger like a water blister.

I have had number of kits with blisters over the years. They are caused by air bubble, and as the vinyl heats and the air expands it will form blister. I used very fine needle to prick the blister; once for the small ones, 2 or 3 times the bigger blisters. I did this immediately after baking, while the vinyl is still hot, and then pressed firmly down with my thumb to get all the air out. The vinyl blister stuck to the underlying vinyl and the tiny holes contracted such a way I could not find them. Only one kit, which had bubbles all over the face, was unusable and I asked for replacement.

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thank you if that happens again I will do that for sure :smile:

ive had this on a kit as well, showed up after first bake. i was told to sand it down with very fine sand paper and put matte over top. it worked and cant really tell it was there. i had to do a few layers of the matte tho and i used a tooth pick to fill the hole up with it, a little at a time and baking each little bit, then i did the final layer pounced over the spot, and smoothed it out with thinners on a wedge. glad u got it taken care of tho!

should I take out the glazing gel and do what you did I would love to fix it like that.
I put alittle fresh paint in some matte varnish and put on top of glazing gel I will bake again

hey if what u did worked and it looks ok, id leave it like it is. my holes after the little blisters popped were really tiny and deep. i first tried to pounce matte over it and it just settled down into the hole. i even tried a tiny dot of thick medium over the holes but when i baked, it did the same thing, sank into the holes. so this was the only thing that worked, filling the hole with matte with a toothpick just a little at a time and sanding it after the last bake. it took awhile but eventually worked. oh yeah and i did mix a little flesh in on the last layer just cuz i thought it would look more natural with the surrounding vinyl. but like i said, if yours looks good and it filled in the hole enough, id leave it b

Ludmila, thanks for sharing this information. It should come in handy for others.