How to fix my "Boo-Boo" Toddler

Hi Dolls…so here is one of the “Boo-Boo” babies I just purchased a few weeks back. I really love her to pieces, and have bonded with her right away. But mommy would love to fix her boo-boo’s and make her beautiful (even though she is beautiful to me now).

Any tips on stripping only her lips and nails, finding matching hair to fill in her hairline…removing the ink on her forehead, and switching out these eyes for better eyes? Im also going to pierce her ears soon!

What would you guys do with her…I would love to hear your thoughts!!!

Oh…and I got her entire outfit for $3.50 from a local thrift store…$1 for all kids clothes 24mos and under!

Notice the scratches areas on her forehead…that’s her paint missing. What should I do to patch this without stripping her completely???


I’d think the easiest thing to do is to take her head off and remove all the hair, then reroot.
Then you can also switch the eyes out.


You could use Windsor Newton and a q-tip to strip the nails and lips. To remove the ink ,put some acne cream ( with peroxide in it ) on the ink spot and sit in the sun for a while. She is cute! Please post progress pics


@EnchantedOrphanage omg, i sooooo didnt want to redo her big head! Lol. I love her hair color and curls…i would be sad if i couldnt find this hair again, which im thinking i wont. Familiar with this hair type/curl pattern? Steer me in the right direction!!!

Acne cream and peroxide…got it! Any brand you would suggest?
And she is so cute! Even with her boo-boo’s, she stole my heart! I definitely will post updates!!!

The acne cream with the peroxide in it. This is what I use.

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If you want to match her hair color exactly, I bet Jeremy can help. He always responds super fast on FB for me! Check him out on FB or his

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@sweet95kitty Oh thank you so much…I was going to do something crazy like mix peroxide and my hubby’s acne cream together…or can I??? :thinking:

@Miss_Kitty yay!!! Thank you so much!!! You are a life saver!!!

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Nooooooooooooo! You would end up with a foamy mess if you did that! But if you already have acne cream at home, check to see if it contains the same percentage of peroxide and if it does use it. If you have to go get some, get what’s in the photo or buy the generic version with the same ingredients.

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I use Windsor and Newton with a toothpick to strip lips and nails. For me, a Q-tip is too big for applying i without getting it anywhere else. I do use them for blotting as I go, though. Do you have any idea what type of hair it is-human, mohair, synthetic? I agree with contacting some people who process hair to see if they have that type of curl. If they do, you could send them a small sample of it if they think they could color match it.
The curls look similar to some hair extensions that I bought at Sally Beauty Supply. If you have one of those nearby, (any beauty supply store would do) you could take the doll, or a piece of her hair, with you and you might be able to find what you’re looking for.

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@2layz Lol, im glad i didnt try that…i would have made such a big mess. Im going tomget some supplies tomorrow, and I will get the one in the photo!

I do have a sallys…i think its blended human hair…its not as soft as mohair, but its not plastic feeling like synthetic. It curls when i wet it, and i can manipulate the curls with my fingers.

Ive seen other babies with similar curls, and i like it a lot. Im ok with changing the color to a dark blond, or light brown…but is there any mohair that is similar to this?

If there is, I haven’t found it. The curly mohair is usually tighter curls.