How to Disinfect?

Ladies, I sent a couple of by dolls to the local memory care unit to visit for a few days. The Infection control nurse wants to know what she can use to disinfect them…They are able to wash their clothing but want to use something on their vinyl to disinfect. Apparently they are well loved and handled quite a bit…and of course we are in cold and flu season. They have their own alcohol and chlorine base cleaners but want to use something different on them…Any suggestions?



Warn them about using anything with alcohol in it! Maybe a vinegar and water mixture? I’m not sure how that would interact with the paint, though.

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I’ve already told them NO ALCOHOL! Im thinking just an antibacterial hand soap for right now. I never thought of this until now…


Me, either.

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Maybe do a test part all the way through with the same techniques used on the doll then try different disinfectants on it and see how it goes?


I use Lysol or Clorox wipes on my babies and have not had any issues. Just wipe, do not scrub.