How to attach wigs

Before I left for work this morning, someone had asked about wigs…here are simple directions from Sandie, hope it helps:

***Shorter hair goes in the front, longer hair is the back.

So you just put a little tacky glue on the top where it will be fastened.
Spread it out with your finger thinly and press the wig down.
Make sure you do not put too much glue on, so it doesn’t seep through.
And don’t make the circle of glue too large or the hair will get in it. Just do a oval a little smaller then the cap of the wig.
Hold the hair back and press it into place.
I put rubberbands over the wig on the head to hold the wig down into place.
Wait a few hours, then peel the wig back around the edges and put glue there, if there isn’t any there.

Then apply the rubberbands once again, to hold it down for a few hours while it dries ***

Please note that I, Karen (not Sandie…lol) used to put a nylon stocking over my baby’s head till the dried. Also, I got into the habit of using E-6000 but boy, BE CAREFUL if you decide to use it…it STINKS…literally.

You’re welcome!

You’re welcome, Maggie…glad to be of help.

Thanks for picking up that answer Karen. I never sat back down at the computer yesterday afternoon. That is how I used to do it too…and I also
used E6000 because I wanted that quick stick. The smell does go away in a few days but if you are selling or shipping you have to leave enough time.