How to apply eyelashes?

Hello :wave:t3: I usually root my open eyed babies but I wanted to try the applied lashes that Bountiful Baby sells. How to I secure them? Do I use glue? Or Alene’s Paper Glaze? Thank you :heart:

Paper Glaze is not glue. I use Satin Mod Podge.

Thank you :blush:

I believe there’s videos on YouTube. Type in, how to apply eyelashes on a reborn.

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I use Aleene’s Tacky Glue and a toothpick. I put the glue on the eyelid with one toothpick and press them in with a clean one. It helps to secure one end and let it dry before doing the rest so it can’t move out of place.


Thank youuuuu soo much :heart:

I apply the same as Jean but I use tweezers and do the same method.

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