How Often Does This Happen?

You have a buyer on your selling platform or a bidder on eBay, and then they cancel sale or bid due to “an emergency”. How often does this happen? I’ve experienced it several times on eBay.

I have had cancellatiins…but never that excuse…mostly…accidentally placed.the wrong bid :roll_eyes:

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That emergency is usually buyers/bidders remorse.

There is another situation that is more sinister. People work in pairs/small groups to grift the seller: they bid high on the item to discourage other bidders. Then one will pull their bid allowing their partner to score the item as the nex lowest bidder. Expalnations of these crooked schemes are easy to find all over the internet.


No cancels or excuses yet, but I’ve had a few buyers that I accept their offer and then they just don’t pay.

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I don’t sell on ebay so I wouldn’t know.

I’ve had it happen in the past. It’s just they changed their mind once they realized they spent money they shouldn’t have. It can be annoying to say the least but better then finishing the auction and then them not paying I suppose…

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My hubby said, maybe their husband found out and said NO. :laughing: