How much might a complete redo cost?

So I have this reborn, the BB Sugar sculpt from 2008. I don’t know when it was reborned, or even if it was really finished. I got it for a hundred bucks, nearly sight unseen.

The paint seems pretty crudely done, all creases are brown on pale skin, parts like hands and knees feel more rough than arms and legs. No idea if it was heat set or air dry. Lips are peeling. Nails have a quick looking French mani and no gloss.

There are no eyebrows or lashes. The hair is sparse and a little pluggy in some places, I finally got the tangles out after working it with a damp toothbrush.

The filling in the body seems mostly soft and puffy, with some grit deep in the bottom only. There’s a mysterious lump on one side that feels like a tumor. The arms weigh more than the legs. The feet squish with pressure, unlike my other reborns.

I think the fabric body is in good condition, as is the vinyl. I don’t see any damage.

I’m not an artist and am not looking for perfection, just an improvement. How much would you charge to do a dolly makeover? What can be done and how much should I expect to pay?
Thanks, guys. :slightly_smiling_face:

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You would probably be better off buying another whole doll. The whole thing needs overhauled and that is extra labor and headache for an artist so they would probably charge a lot more. It is easier for them to start new than work around someone’s mistakes. An artist would have to strip all the paint off anyway and taking out the hair would leave big holes. Easier to start with new blank kit.


Yes, I was afraid of that. I just jumped at it because it was the right sculpt, complete and blonde. Ya get what you pay for, and at a distance, it’s not so bad. Not great close up as you can see.

How much would someone charge just for reweighting ?

I really wonder what that lump is inside, but without knowing how to put it back together I won’t open it up. :smile:

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The lump is probably just the ‘weight’ bag that has shifted to the side. All you have to do is cut the zip tie that holds her head on, empty her insides and see what she if stuffed and weighted with. Then you have to insert a NEW zip tie, restuff and weight and reattach her head, it’s simple. You just might find things you don’t want to see—maybe not. Another thing, use a Small Head Zip Tie so it’s not so noticeable.


You may be right, it could be the knot on a sack of weight. The rest of the body is super poofy, I assume is fiberfill. She can sit up well on her own on account of being so bottom heavy. These kind of limbs seem prone to dangling loosely when the body is supported.


YouTube has videos on how to reweight a reborn.


I don’t know why I hadn’t thought of that. The zip ties are something that was done really well on this doll, trimmed short and rounded off.

I’m less familiar with these type of limbs. Are these legs considered 3/4, like the arms, or do they have another name for this style? Are they built to hang limp, or can they be done in a more tight way for better posing ?

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This kit has full legs.

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Thank you. The legs are hinged on differently than the Ever dolls I bought.

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I think buying new one is your best option and would cost much less than redo. It’s an old sculpt and not realborn, so she should not be expensive to buy.

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Oh man. I don’t think I can explain to someone why we should spend twice as much (or more) to repurchase the same sculpt after convincing him that a $100. doll was a good idea.🤦

$100 reborn doll is never a good idea :wink:


Lol I will remember that.

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Maybe someone could strip the lips and add paint over the existing paint job, but it wouldn’t be anywhere near perfect- might not fix the creases and the nails… don’t know if the root job can be fixed. It might be hard to find somebody willing to try it… @Nikkiroc what do you think?

Again, I’m not looking for perfection, just improvement.

The lips are the most glaringly obvious part that is actually wearing off.

The brown creases make it look dirty and angry. The contrast in person is more harsh as the rest is very pale.The ear almost looks like it has dried blood on it as that got alot of the creasing paint. I wonder if the creasing color could be neutralized?

Could hair stay as is and still have paint improved? Or maybe just added to or even covered with a wig?

Brows and lashes are sadly lacking, from what I’ve read about this sculpt those two details take it from ugly to cute. At least that would complete the face.

Controversial, I know, but this is meant to be a gift for a child. So, this doll doesn’t have to be perfect to an adult, just better for a kid who has an artistic eye and a love of babies. He really wants a reborn and this is the sculpt and hair color of his choice. He’ll be told that if he takes good care of it then he may get a nicer one in the future.

He might even want to keep it to repaint himself down the road. This is too big of a project for us now as I have no supplies or experience and limited time with this child. I just want it looking more complete and less rough around the edges paintwise, so he thinks it’s cute and doesn’t feel compelled to do his own paintjob as soon as he sees it.

The actual condition of the fabric body and sculpt is undamaged.


Also, the nails could be improved by adding gloss, that would be good enough, but isn’t priority.

This feels like an unfinished or booboo baby, or simply old enough to need updated restoration.

I’d be willing to put some money into this one to make it better, my other option is to find a blonde, pale Sugar that looks nicer. But then I’d have to rehome this one.

What do you think, guys? Is it so far gone that it should be scrapped?

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Its an older inexpensive kit, it isn’t a great baby, maybe done by someone just learning. This would be a great doll to donate to a nursing home or someone who might want a therapy baby.

I know you said you are not an artist but I bet you or someone with some basic skills could fix her up without stripping her.

I would totally do it just for fun and make a You Tube video but I am slammed and have limited painting time now that my little is doing online school.

Is that genesis or airdry paint?

She could be cute fixed up, strip those lips, clean up those creases, reblush her, add a little more hair, a couple mottle layers…

Maybe you will find someone here who needs the practice, you could pay for shipping and their time?


Unknown if it’s air dry or heat set paints. Is there a way to test to determine that?

And yes, I’m either looking at paying for fixing up or paying for another completed Sugar. The only requirement is that it’s fair and blonde. Personally, I don’t like this face or the weird tiny hands on this sculpt. But it’s not for me and anything will be an improvement!

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