How much is Kitten supposed to weigh?

Hi there ladies! I’m thinking about buying a painted Kitten kit and I would like to know how much she should weigh with the glass beads and poly fill. I know she’s a 26 inch toddler. How many lbs of beads should go in her head, arms, legs and body? I would like to know how many lbs of glass beads to buy.

One lady I spoke to said she thought she should weigh 10-12 lbs but I think that’s probably too heavy. I was thinking more around 8. This is my first time weighing a toddler.

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I am not certain myself but wanted to mention if you add weight in the head she will want to bend/slouch over… So if you weight the head you should do so lightly… I also know of some who have made an armature to help stabilize the bigger babies/toddlers.

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Thanks, Jenni! I don’t want to have to use an armature with her though.

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On youtube go to and she has a section on proper weighting of your baby.She shows you how to calculate how much weight for each limb etc.


Average weight of actual 9 month old babies is 15-18 pounds but I think that would be an awfully heavy reborn. I weighted mine at 8 pounds and she felt about right. I didn’t use armature but I did use a piece of foam pipe insulation to support her head. I put polyfil in first and then separated it in the middle so there was a space for the foam. I put 1/3 of it in her head and 2/3 down into her body first. The head still turns nicely but she’s not floppy like a newborn and she sits up well.

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Ok Thank you :slight_smile: I will weigh mine at 8 lbs then.

I made cookie and she was a little over 8lbs. I did not weight the head though. Toddlers heads do not need to be weighted. Just stuff full of poly fill.

Where do you get the foam insulation?

Hardware store or Walmart.

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So how many lbs of glass beads should I buy if I want her to weigh 8 lbs?