How much does it cost for shows?

What is admission to get into rose to shop? The idts? Trying to convince my hubby to go on a romantic getaway

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IDTS was like $10 per person per day last year. ROSE is about $15 per person per day.


That’s not bad at all! Is it crazy crowded?

ROSE is especially the first day. IDTS is so-so. It was busy last year but not like ROSE

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Floor pass for admission to ROSE is $14.95 each day if purchased in advance. One month before the show, and at the door, tickets will be $25. Baby Shower tickets for this year are sold out. Awards Banquet and Beach Baby Party still have tickets available.
The ROSE show last year was pretty crowded but it was amazing. So fun to see sooo many reborn dolls in one place and meet some forum members. In addition to the vinyl and silicone dolls, famous sculptors are there and there’s all kinds of things to buy that are reborn related. Last year there was even a shipping station where you could ship things to your home if you bought more than you could fit in your suitcase. It’s an incredible show but can be financially dangerous if you’re not careful. I only brought cash for purchases, and a prepaid debit card to pay for my room, so temptation couldn’t overcome me. Believe me, it could. lol
Also, reserve a hotel or B & B early. They all sell out fast.