How many versatile kits can you think of?

So I saw the Saskia kit, as some of you know, and my mind went crazy and created literally six (or seven?? Lol) different versions of that kit LOL​:bangbang::bangbang:

So I was wondering if anybody knew another kit that my mind may go crazy over and the kit also looks good in AA or biracial because the six/seven different versions of Saskia in my mind range from light to dark complexions

Thank y’all for any ideas. I just wanted a backup just in case I am unable to have my sastuplets lol.


Tobiah. I think she is absolutely gorgeous and can see her in many different ways


Thanks I’ll look into her ASANow lol

What about elora elara? By J. de Lang ?

She is also very cute. I just got in one of the last Pilar’s.

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Where did you find Pilar? I actually got 2 recently, both on sale. She is so stinking cute!

Rowan by BB IS A VERY versatile kit. Give her a google!


Thanks will do !! I’m :running_woman:t5: Now lol

I also looked into elora the ‘Dionne quints’ (emelie-yvonne) chloe and for some reason Henrietta spoke to me too

I got her from Dolls by Sandy on a layaway plan. I just love her.

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