How many of you collect dolls? Display or play?

I was surprised at how many people make these dolls but don’t collect them. I have like 37 reborns in my collection. But I rotate them through- so just now selling the older ones and then if I fall in love with one I hang onto it- for display. I hate changing their clothes- I guess I treat them more like model airplanes than babies- I hold them sometimes. Sad when they get adopted- until they actually are gone- then I kinda forget about them- well until I look back at photos- then I miss them again

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After I make a doll, I dress it and hold it and play for a little while and then I am ready to sell and move on to the next. I guess I enjoy making them more than owning them or displaying them.

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I do both. I cuddle all my babies at different times.

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I have collected dolls since I was born, seriously…I had over 200 at one time; downsized a little when we made the big move last year – I only have 150 or so now. I do NOT have room to have them all out on display at the same time, but hoping to get a house with a doll room one day so that can happen. I collect lots of different dolls from different artists…Annette Himstedt, Marie Osmond, Masterpiece, Middleton, to name a few. I LOVE to shop for the BIG KIDS and redress them!

I’ve been reborning for 11 years now and have kept just one reborn for myself. Once they’re made, I am ready for them to find a home. I know that I can’t realistically keep them all in the space available to me, so maybe that’s why I can let them go so easily.

Fun topic!

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My only baby is a sleeping Berenguer that reborn artist Dianne Campbell made me 8 years ago just before I began reborning myself. I occasionally change her clothing and she “sleeps” in my bedroom in a cradle that my husband made 28 years ago when our first granddaughter was born. It went all around the family each time we had a new baby and finally came back to us. Kinda special.


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I love dolls! I have a very small collection now. I had quite a few Marie Osmond and Masterpiece. I have sold all my Masterpiece, they were just so big. When we moved I gave away all but 6 of my Marie Osmond dolls. The 6 that remain are forever keepers. I have my Leighann Harvey, Harvey reborn that I did a few years ago which I will always keep. His sculpt came out when my father whose name was Harvey died. My other reborn keeper is my Sugar that HandyDenise did for me in a christmas swap.
I do collect soft sculpture Cabbage Patch Kids. I love, love, love them, but they are very expensive so I only have 5 of them, but they are so fun to dress for the holidays, etc. Mostly I reborn because I just love it. It is so fun and I usually fall in love with each baby and really don’t care if I sell it quickly or not.

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I am assuming that you have Xavier’s originals… I am so jealous… would love to see pictures…

I love dolls too and have had a huge collection of Masterpiece and some Ashton Drake and Berenguer and Marie Osmond. I have a few Paradise Galleries of way way back before the company got really crappy, I have a few of the very lovely ones still I have packed away. I have sold quite a few of my collection for room and when I got into reborning, for supplies. Sure come in handy. A couple of my Masterpiece were very much in high demand and I was able to get twice the amount for them for what I actually paid for them.