How many magnets to use

I remember reading somewhere, a person said they had to figure out which side of the magnet was magnetized. I thought that was weird, I thought both sides were. Well I magnetized a mouth the other day, one pacifier would connect n 1 wouldn’t. I magnetized another mouth last night (Kyra). Her mouth is open a little. The pacifier connects but seems a lil loose, woobly. I was thinking about adding another magnet. Have you use more than one magnets on an open mouth baby? I seen in a YouTube video, she dropped in like 5 magnets on SASKIA, I think that was the kit.

I have never used more then one. If the mouth is open I will modify the paci to fit in without a magnet.

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That’s what I thought most would do with an open mouth baby. But it also depends on how open the mouth is.

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Both sides are in fact magentic. Only polar opposites attract though North to South. If say North and North are facing toward each other they repel. That’s what happened with your paci the other day. If the mouth is open, I put the magnet in chin.


Ok, I thought both sides were magnetized. I hated science in school. Probably why I didn’t know about the north n south. Thank you.


I hate when I glue one in then try to switch pacifier’s and it is backwards in the other one… :confused:


Yes, I had no idea that could happen. Now I know.

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That is why the hunny bug pacifiers like @JillianJade and @wispywillowrebo are selling are awesome. You can open the pacifier and flip the magnet if needed :slight_smile: :heart:


I think I saw the same YouTube video. The only reason you would need to drop that many magnets is if you are using cheap, weak ones. With the strong magnets, like the ones sold on this site, are so strong that you never need more than one.


I ordered mine from eBay. Someone had posted the link. They are very strong.

I may have to check them out, thanks.

On the wobbly magnet one, sometimes they slip into some kind of weird position because of the lumps and bumps where the mouth is, so that might be the problem. Repositioning the one that’s it there or dropping one more should solve the problem.

This happened to me, but doesn’t come up anymore because I hold the paci I’m planning on using to the mouth while I drop the magnet, then leave it there to dry.


I magnetize the pacifier n hold it to the mouth n drop the magnet in too, leave it over night.

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Are you sure all the magnets you saw them put in on youtube were for the paci? I just did a little girl who has 3 magnets in her head; 1 paci and 2 for magnetic barettes. I can;t imagine having to use that many for a single pacifier


Yes, I’m positive it was for a pacifier.

Binky Baby| Magnetizing Reborn Doll for Binky| Feat. Quinlynn Eagles| Read Description! - YouTube actually used 6

I only buy the Rare Earth Neodymium N50 but if the vinyl is thick behind the mouth I would drop in as many as is needed to hold the paci. Yes I have used 3 on difficult baby.

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Those magnets are tiny, no wonder it took so many lol