How many collectors in the forum

Out of curiosity, how many of you collect reborn dolls as well as create them?
I collect dolls of all sorts and it’s so hard for me to see everyone’s beautiful work and not want to buy them all for myself! There are so many of you whose work I admire so much. Maybe over time I’ll be able to purchase a baby from all of you for my personal collection. Lol. This forum is like doll heaven for me. :heart:


I used to, but I don’t anymore. I didn’t buy dolls, I just made my own for my collection. Now my “collection” is just dolls I can’t sell just yet so they’re still here.


Haha! I have a feeling that will be me too.
There are just so many talented people here.

You being one of them. :blush:

I get it lol I wish I could have a few to keep but I just can’t afford it. I started when I was 14 so my mom bought some of my kits. Now I’m an adult and she doesn’t so I can’t afford to keep any of them. This is the biggest my collection was, I made all but one of them. This was in 2016


I collect, but I only have one personal reborn. She is my first and I didn’t make her. I see so many beautiful babies here that I would love to buy.

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I collect the babies I make. It was always my intention to keep them when I got them made. Maybe someday I will sell some, but not now.


I have dolls that are “priced to keep.” They are still for sale, but overpriced so that it will be a long time before they sell or I will lose my attachment and lower their price.


I don’t collect. But I do get a bit attached to the Reborns I make. If they sit here too long though I’m glad to ship them lol. I’m terrible :joy::joy::joy:


I can’t afford to buy the dolls I really like either. But I wish I could. There are two dolls I’ve seen posted here that I literally haven’t stopped thinking about lol.


I havent completed one yet, but I fear I may become a hoarder of my own dolls lol.


Yes there are some great artists here! I’m still newer so I wouldn’t expect many to want to collect mine. Lol. A lot of competition :grinning:


I love your work. I’d want one of yours too. Lol.

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Oh my. Ty! You’re so sweet. One of my favorites was Twin B oh and also April.


I collect reborns but I only have ones I made so far. I love babies eeeekkkk


I absolutely love dolls!
I’ve got 9 reborns that I made and at least three more are works in progress that I’ll probably keep as well.

Harry Potter, Christopher, Katie, Lizzie, Lexi, Emma and Lucas.


Then I’ve got 5 Disney animator dolls, a journey girls doll and a brandless American girl sized doll.

Alice, Kristoff, Tiana, Tinkerbell, Mulan, brandless doll I call Abby and Kyla.

I’ve also got a couple of action figures and funko pops. Those are sort of dolls too. :stuck_out_tongue:


I collect and have some that I made myself and some from other artists.

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I have been a collector of all kinds of dolls for a long time. Most of them are Ashton drake and Lee Middleton dolls that I used to display around the house but then when I had my three daughters and they took a fascination with the dolls I could not help but let them play with them, they were definitely well loved by my girls. Now my grand daughter plays with the collection. I would rather the dolls be lived than to be sitting g around getting dusty. I also have many cabbage patch dolls as well as porcelain dolls.


If I had more room I would collect the Disney Animator dolls. I absolutely love them! But my family would disown me. LOL.


20 or so reborns from others a few of my own who haven’t sold yet, Masterpiece dolls and Blythe dolls.