How long for?

Okay so.

I fell in love with a sculpt this morning and preordered him. But…I then realized that I should have waited until I moved.

How long do preorders usually take to need to be paid in full? I used my current address. But I may not be here.

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Who did you order the kit from? I was in the process of moving when I had a few kits on order at MacPhersons. I let them know and they changed my address for me in their system, and it reflected on the LE orders.


Who did you order? I’ve had 3 sneak peeks on pre-order for months at Irresistables. If you use PayPal, remember to change your shipping address when you move. If it comes in before then, no problem.

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Dang. I want that prototype!


Me too. Lol. Gorgeous.

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Is it a sneak peek pre-order or regular pre-order?

I LOVE the hands! I will not preorder another kit. I will not preorder another kit. I will not preorder another kit. But I really want to!

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I’m a bad influence. Lol. Get one!!! Haha.

I rarely fall in love with a kit. This one was just calling to me. I just hope I have time to move and stuff before he is released.

Omg, I want too!!

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You probably will. He’s pretty new, isn’t he?

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His pre order email was today. So. Yeah. Brand new.

So his listing here says 21” but another says he is only 16 “ long. Anyone know which is correct???

I only see this kit on MacPherson’s and Irresistables. His description says 16" on both. Since his head circumference is listed as 11.25" I’d say 16" length is correct.

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The one that Taylor posted above, says 21 inches long

I think it’s been corrected. It says 16" now. There have been a lot of listing errors on Irresistables lately. The recommended body for Kodi Bear is 16-18" but he’s a 24" kit. I e-mailed her about it. She thanked me for letting her know but it hasn’t been changed.

I was hoping he really was 21 inches. 16 is a little tiny for me , but he is adorable!!