How Light Affects Skin Tone

Hey everyone!

I put this collage together to show someone, and thought you might all find it interesting as well. :slight_smile: After my son was born, I paid a lot of attention to how the light affected how his skin looked (as we are making a Realborn of him, and I know our artists will study the real baby pictures). I knew his skin shade would vary depending on the lighting, but I didn’t realize the extent it would vary. I found this very interesting. I did get a little lazy and used auto white balance on my camera when I didn’t set up my studio, but it was still pretty close to what I was seeing at the time. All of these images were taken in his first week of life.

Side note: Don’t you love how one of his ears is wrinkled more than the other? <3 Yes, his Realborn will be that way too, off course!




Tthis is very interesting,and helpful, thanks :slight_smile: sweet baby.


I think the light is a huge part of why I sometimes see people saying that their Reborn baby looks different in real life than in the pictures. Most artists photograph with natural light, and a lot of the time, the recipient opens the package under regular house lighting. I purchased a Reborn myself that looked extremely different than the pictures, simply because I opened the box under fluorescent light. I knew the artist used daylight in her pictures, though, so I was not surprised one bit. As soon as I stepped by the window with my new Reborn baby, sure enough, she looked just like her pictures! I also think the light is responsible for the Reborn babies sometimes looking different at dolls shows than in pictures. I was a bit frustrated with this once when I was helping set up for a show (“What a Woman Wants” expo here in Utah), as I pay a lot of attention to light, and the light just wasn’t doing the babies justice! Maybe we need a tent around our booth with a huge daylight lamp in the middle, lol, though I am pretty sure that would not have followed their guidelines. :wink: Sincerely, Jessica


I do still think the dolls look lovely at dolls shows, though! I just feel so much responsibility for making them look as good as they can for our artists. I know their work is lovely, and I want everyone else to know it too! :slight_smile: Sincerely, Jessica


Have a wonderful night as well! :slight_smile: …and you will love going to a doll show, they are a lot of fun!


Lady’s sale some baby’s , save some money …another cute baby is coming .

He is very cute !!!


Oh my, isn’t he just the sweetest little thing? He’s gorgeous. I can’t wait for his Realborn to be released :blush:


Such an adorable little fella…I think it very interesting about the lighting as well…I also noticed that a reborn looks different hues depending on the colour of clothing they are wearing too


Thank you. :slight_smile: His name is Joseph.


Thanks for sharing little Josephs baby photos. This was very interesting. But the most interesting part was your little boys adorable face! He is really a sweetheart. “Bless his heart” as my Grandma used to say.


My favorite is still the pic of him smiling in his sleep with his little dimples showing💕