How is this even possible?

A woman purchased three dolls from a reborner for a total of $160. That is for all 3 dolls that came with a diaper and a cute outfit with an extra 5 outfits a piece, a toy, a paci, and a blanket.

Am I stupid to even believe this? This woman who purchased is a customer of mine, as well.

I have trouble believing that. Either the buyer is telling a tall tale or the seller is the most fiscally irresponsible person on earth. :slight_smile:


WOW! Maybe someone was just wanting to get rid of some dolls?? I do not know how anyone could sell them so cheap seeing as I spend at least $100 or more just to make one. Maybe I am doing something wrong but so far both the dolls I have done have cost me over $100. Could the lady just be telling you a tall tale to get yo to reduce your price? I really do not see how that is possible to buy 3 reborns for that price.

those were the photos she had showed me. And actually none of them look very good to me. I agree with all of you in your replies. OH and I forgot to mention the woman didn’t charge any shipping from Georgia to South Dakota!!!

It’s mind-boggling to me

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That sort of thing makes it really hard to explain why we have to charge so much.

I make em and sell em so I can buy more and make em and sell em and occasionally I keep one for one reason or another. Either I’m too bonded to let go or else it has blatant boo-boos that I can’t stand behing. It’s all for fun for me anyway.

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so is this person implying that you should sell her one of your dolls so cheap? I would say" move on lady!" Well, not in those exact words but sheesh!

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This person is a former customer and we still chat quite regularly, so she is always asking me about dolls. She wanted 3 specific dolls for Christmas but couldn’t pay the $225 each that I was asking and then she found those 3 for $160. So obviously these next 3 dolls she will not be getting from me because I can’t sell them to her in the price range she wants so we’ll see what she gets and from whom.

Yes, I see that kind of thing all the time on FB and then they get on the scammers boards and want to complain about their bad dolls.

I agree. I see these pics of babies that to me look horrible and the buyer’s friends are all saying what a cute baby. All the while we are all knowing it looks like crap. Then a couple days later the buyer starts complaining about paint coming off, hair falling out, eyes jiggling, something coming out of the body etc. I want so badly to say “Really? Could you not see the doll had bald patches in the pics you were shown?” Or when they get the doll they are crying that the lips are horrible, the hair is not rooted well, the paint is messy and the doll was misrepresented. Once again, I want to say, “Were you blind to all this when you looked at the photos before buying?”

Don’t get me wrong, there are photoshopped images and babies that are misrepresented but in those cases they truly looked good in the photos.

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I’d love to buy reborns cheap, but that is not realistic. I understand how many hours, blood, sweat and tears go into making these dolls come alive, well reborn. That’s why I only have 1 . I got her at a very reasonable price and the lady is a very nice and honest person. It was custom made.
Anyways, maybe those 3 dolls were the reborners very 1st dolls she had done and decided to get rid of them, or maybe she bought them before she became a reborn artist? Just a thought…