How is a shipment to another country? help please

hello girls, they want to buy me Jade but it’s outside of the United States it’s in Jamaica, I’ve never sent to another country. How does the usps work? I do not know what to answer the customer help please

Check the amount using the postage calculator. See if the customer agrees.

I take mine to the post office to do the rest. It’s just a customs form that you have to fill out with your name, her name, contents and the value. That’s all.

thank you and how I get the calculator postage.:thinking::thinking:ah and I forgot to add that the customer wants to pay by bank transfer

USPS postal calculator

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That price is for shipping only? or it is also the customs postage?


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That is the cost of postage. Just the price.

Customs has nothing to do with that. It is a form that you fill out.

thank you Dollypardon, it’s very complicated I think I’m going to say that I do not do international shipping


I just picked up customs forms at the post office today and there are two sizes. Why make something confusing more confusing but I’m getting picked on a lot for being confused.


Don’t forget to add insurance to you the total shipping fee… that is extra, and depends on price… also, about the bank transfer, I did it already, for a buyer in EU, maybe 5 years ago… worked fine, but there is a charge… I’m sorry I don’t remember even what it cost, but I would call your bank and find out, before you quote her total to her… I assume all banks can charge differently anyway??


Also, make sure your customer understands that they’re responsible for any customs or other fees in their country because we have no way to know what that will be. I take mine to the post office to find out the actual shipping cost and then let the customer know. Shipping internationally is expensive. I only do it on an individual basis. Once you understand the forms, it’s really not that complicated.