How important arr certificates

I recently bought a kit. I think her name is Sarayha or some odd spelling. I dont remember.

Well my Chihuahua got the numbered certificate off the coffee table and ripped it into pieces.

I still have it. But I’m wondering if this devalues my kit. :sleepy:

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I’d say it depends. Some people don’t care about certificates or what kit it is and just want a pretty reborn.
If you want to resell the blank kit, it will probably make it less valuable.


How frustrating! So sorry. I have only had one customer who has asked if her baby would come with a COA. But I only sell B.B. not sure how people feel about other sculpts…

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I would tape it together to prove who the kit is, because of all the fake knock offs… I wouldn’t care what condition the COA is it (things happen) but JMO, would not buy a kit if the seller didn’t have it. seems like everyday the scammers copy another kit :frowning: at least you have the proof, even if it is in bad condition


Good idea. Its in two pieces with some chew marks. But you can still see its a real certificate.

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