How I cut reborn hair- a quick video

Did it work? It would not load when I checked in my outgoing mail. You should be able to click the link and still see my Facebook page in your browser if not.


You are welcome! I can’t wait to see the next baby!

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You are so welcome. Thanks so much! :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks! You are most welcome!

Thank you! I can’t wait to see my next baby also :joy:! Moving so slow nowadays due to the health issues. Today I am fighting a cold and staying home, so maybe I’ll progress on someone :wink:

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I hope you feel better soon! I am going to spend the day cleaning since my oven will not be here until tomorrow. But, I am washing up big June asleep and two others, with hopes of starting fresh tomorrow!

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So sorry, I sure hope you feel better. You and your hubby were both sick recently weren’t you?

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I am sorry about your oven malfunctioning and destroying your kits. I’ve read that yours and Jenni’s @jlesser went on strike together. I would be so upset.
Most of the time I am in the same room or sit next to mine, but with my decreasing memory I am always concerned that I punch the wrong numbers :scream:
My apologies for sidetracking your haircut post.

Thank you. I was in the next room close by when it happened. I thought it was surely me and just a case of “mom brain.” I’m always doing forgetful things. But to my horror it was not my doing. I was slightly relieved that I couldn’t blame myself, though.
You can sidetrack any thread I make. :slight_smile: It doesn’t bother me. Just friendly people conversing- nothing wrong with that.


thank you!

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That was awesome thank you for sharing.

Thank you! :two_hearts:

Your video is so cute! Would you mind posting a pic of your scissors? And what do you use to wrap the baby in while cutting?
So cute, great job and I loved your happy music!!!

It is just a stocking. I’ve had so many questions about that. I just figured it would keep her arms out of the way and keep hair off. My scissors are my hair stylist shears I got from beauty school years ago. I get them sharpened every so often.

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Also- thanks! It seemed like it fit the happy tune lol

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I use a 5.5 inch shear. It should be similar to the length of your pointer finger. Someone with short fingers would need a 5 inch, etc.

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Thank you, I saw part of it today.

Thank you! I have so many shears… glad to know I have the right ones! :heart: