How heavy to weight the baby

I weighted a Katie Marie at 11lbs. Is that too heavy? Feels super life like but not sure if they mommy will like it. Do you Reborn artists have a guideline as to how much you weight your different sized babies? I used to put beads half way thru limbs then polyfil but lately people have been telling me my babies aren’t heavy enough so I filled the Katie Marie almost full with beads. Any thoughts?

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You might do a search on that topic. There are many answers to your question there and several opinions on how much weight, etc. :footprints::baby:


Since real babies are alive the weight feels different than the weight of a reborn…sorry to use these words but they are “dead weight” so they feel far heavier. I weight most of my newborns are around 2 kilos which is around 4.4 pounds. My larger babies I give a bit more weight…3 to 4 kilos. My toddler, Liam is 4.5 kilos, about 10 pounds.


I picked up this formula from someone. I’ve been using it for a while and I always like how the weight turns out.

Length in inches*3.5=weight in ounces

Weight all parts of the kit.

Total weight required minus the kit weight=weight needed
1/2 in body
1/4 in head
1/4 divided over limbs, legs slightly heavier


I’m going to try this! Thanks for the tip

I like them a little lighter than most. The heaviest would be 5 lbs unless it is a Toddler then I think 8 lbs would be heavy enough for me.


I weighted my Liam to about 8 lbs and it was perfect, any more than that would’ve been too much.


I agree. Mine are between 3.5 to 4.5 lbs.Most 4.5
7 lbs up i feel it makes the limbs too heavy. Hard to explain but they droop or hang oddly to me and head too for that matter
One of my biggest questions from potential buyers is" How heavy is the doll."
Of course they are new reborn buyers or theyd know reborns feel more real more like 7 lbs at 4.5 lbs than 7 or 8 and more comfortable to carry
I tell them " like a bag of flour "but some still wont buy.Think it should be 7 or 8 lbs
i just wont add weight and make the doll look and feel strange to me. Id be unhappy selling it like that.Of course a Libby for instance or Joseph maybe could take more weight


I’ve weighted a couple of big babies (abt 22-23 inches and chubs) to right at 6 pounds. If the weight is well distributed and the limbs don’t pull on the body because they are too heavy this feels very real. These babies had full limbs so it worked, if they had had jointed limbs I think it would have been too much weight. Newborns I typically make about 4-4.5 pounds and premies abt 2.5-3 pounds. They need to feel like they have some substance but the weight needs to balance too.
Buyers may want more weight, but you have every right to make the baby the way you think it should be. Don’t let someone who doesn’t understand weighting talk you into turning your creation into something you don’t like!


I weighted 3 month Joe 12lbs… That lasted not even a day. Reweighted him to be about 7. I tend to like them in the middle. Not too heavy and not too light.


Everyone is different. I know a lot of ladies prefer lighter babies and in general babies seem to be weighed around 5 pounds or less. I actually prefer them to be a bit heavier, but then again I don’t hold my dolls often. I definitely don’t like them too light- I have a fairly chunky doll, my most recent in my collection, and she’s way too light for her size :wink: maybe I’ll get around to adding some weight to her one day but since she sits in the crib it doesn’t really matter I suppose.


Here is the Katie Marie I made 11lbs. I already shipped him. Now I wish he wasn’t so heavy. I’m doing another one now as a girl so I’ll make her 8lbs and see how she feels