How does this bonnet look?

Hi ladies can you guys give me your opinion on this bonnet? I just finished it and I’m on the fence about it. Thanks!


I think its cute, I like the colors. I would probably go with a thinner ribbon, it’s a little overwhelming on a small baby. But overall it’s really beautiful! Great job!


I agree with @MilosMeadows.

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Definitely use smaller ribbon but other than that i love the bonnet!! I wish i could knit or crochet stuff like that :heart: :grinning: great job!!

I love it with the ribbon you have.

I love it! Very unique :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: I wish the ribbon weren’t so shiney but that could just be the photo

I love it!

I can’t imagine what you are on the fence about. It is gorgeous!

I do, also, Katie. These days people put huge arrangements on baby’s headbands. So, I think this is just in style.

Cute bonnet

Super precious. I think with the vintage look of the bonnet an antique lace ribbon would make it that much more special. :ribbon: