How do you protect your photos?

I’ve been using a free app to add some text to my photos. I was wondering what everyone is using or if you have any recommendations on protecting your photos to try and keep them off scam sites or other people from using them as their own

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You can watermark them to use everywhere but the reborns website. For some reason Dave does not want watermarked photos on his site. I have seen some work around this with an embroidered pillow or something in the background.

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Granted watermark can be removed :frowning: so it’s not fool proof but some scammers are lazy so it helps a bit at least lol
I use logopit plus, free app. And I place my logo on one spot, along with two other smaller watermark very barely visible in other places so even if they catch one, they may not catch the others. So far it’s worked (as far as I know)
I never thought my work was good enough to have my photos stolen but sure enough, it happened last week. Luckily the scammer missed one of my hidden watermarks which is how I was alerted that they were using it


Do you want to use mobile or a tablet or on pc?
On pc I’d recommend
It’s a free program with a lot of options for editing pictures. Takes a moment to get used to it, but it’s amazing.

Ah Getpaint my friend told me about that but I was looking for paint. I was missing the Get. I’ll look into the watermark too
Awesome!! Thx guys :slight_smile: