How do you move reborns?

Im moving next month and i have never moved with reborns before. If it was one or two i would just carry them but i have a bunch and its winter so i dont want to take any risks. Anyone have any tips on how to move my babies safely to our new house?


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I would pack them in totes.
Wrap each in a blanket (burrito) :wink: So they dont touch, etc.


With me moving a few times with reborns i wrapped them in thick baby blanket each and patted clear totes with a blanket as well.

When I take them to shoes I just sit them upright in totes and put the lid on.

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We moved in the middle of a blizzard last year and I did the same as @jlesser suggested. They were in the moving truck for over an hour and inside the garage until the next morning and they were still ok.

We just moved cross country, and I wrapped all of my completed dolls in thick blankets with plastic around their hair to protect it, and put them all in a box. They were are completely fine! For the 2 dolls I really cared about, I brought them with me (not in the moving truck) wrapped up in a duffel surrounded by their clothes. Worked perfectly

When I moved I just wrapped them in blankets and put them in boxes, maybe 2-3 by box or plastic container. Try to not make the boxes too heavy. It should be fine, if you trust the movers with your dishes there should be no problem with dolls !


I’ve never moved with them, but when I pack them up for doll shows or just storing before they sell I wrap them all the way up in blankets and keep them in a really big rolling tote. I just make sure they are completely covered in the blanket so nothing is exposed to potentially get banged around.

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