How do you insert the eyes?

Do you cut the whole back of the eye socket off, or just a slit? I cut a good size slit, but I’m still having trouble getting them in. Any tips?

I use air dry paints and never heat my heads. I insert all my eyes from the back. I make a slit about 3/4 of the way around so I can easily lift it enough to get the eye in. When I have it in the position I want I glue the flap down. I wait until the glue is dry before inserting the other eye to be sure the first one doesn’t shift.
I use a thin paintbrush handle to hold the flap open from the front. Then I balance the eye on my fingertip, while holding the flap open, to put it in the socket.


On all sizes I do an X and it works every time

Do you cut your slit around the bottom?

Yes, about 3/4 of the way around. If it’s not long enough, I can’t lift the flap to get the eye in.

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@Cindy17, how do you get the flaps of the X out from under the eye?

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So after I cut the X I put the eye under the top and from the front I use the end of a paintbrush to push the other 2 flaps inward while pushing the eyes in. It takes patience but after I while you’ll get it

No, no… not me. That sounds nerve wracking! :slight_smile: I will cut the flap and use my eye insertion tool and the Eye setting wax.