How do you get hair spray off vinyl

Stupidly i used hair spray on my finger to make the eyelashes stay up now spits are on the face Ive tried water and thinner.Just add a coat of paint on the skin?

Hmmm, I’m surprised water didn’t take it off. :confused:

That’s strange. Try a baby wipe

Be careful with baby wipes because they generally have alcohol in them.

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I sprayed my hair inside my car and got some on the window that I was worried about getting off since the window had the darkening film on it! I used shampoo on a wash cloth to remove it needs it worked perfectly!


I didn’t know that

Over time, or with heavy scrubbing, they can take the paint off. :confounded:

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im asuming thats what it is …hair spray.only other thing clear would be paper glaze

Did you try shampoo?

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I tried dish soap and thinner too.
Didnt work.Maybe it was paper glaze.Dont know how it got up on her forehead and cheek