How do you finish? and Magnifying light recommendation

I feel so dumb asking this but I’m so new so I need this advice. I’m done with my painting. What are my next steps? I still need to do varnish, nails, eye brows, rooting eyelashes, rooting hair, gloss…

Do I varnish before nails? If so, do I wipe it off the nails or varnish the nails as well? Or do I wait and varnish after nails and cover the nails?

Do I paint eyebrows and then varnish over them? I’m going to lightly paint and then root over them lightly and varnish them to hold them down.

Do I varnish before eyelashes or after?

I’m pretty sure I varnish before rooting hair.

When do I gloss?

I want to get a magnifying lamp to use for rooting. What’s the best idea for this? Should I get the one that hangs around my neck or a tabletop one? I don’t want to get a floor lamp bc my area is getting cluttered.



All painting should be finished before varnishing, including eyebrows and nails. Glossing usually gets done last, after varnishing. Rooting is the very last thing that I do, whether it be eyelashes or hair. Amazon has magnifier glasses with light. I think these are the easiest. You just put them on and they stay in the right position. They won’t win you any beauty contests, though. lol


Do I put varnish over the nails and lips and then put gloss over the varnish?

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That’s what I do because the varnish is to protect the paint on the nails and gloss is just detailing.


Yes ma’am. I do the same as Jean

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I do the same, but I usually gloss very last, right before assembly, because i use GHSP and many glosses act unpredictably when heated. Mostly just in the case i need to touch up anything.

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I use air dry gloss. It works just fine over Genesis.

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I don’t varnish over nails and lips as gloss works as protection and I want nails and lips to be smooth. The rest - all the same as Jean said.

I use viser with magnification when I paint details or root.


My nails and lips are smooth. I apply the gloss with a small brush and don’t pounce them.

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Can we have a link to your fancy visor? And a picture of you wearing it please.


lol, no way! It’s not fancy, it’s ugly, but functional. I ordered one, what I thought might be fancier with led light, but it took real batteries and because of that too heavy, so I returned it. You can find several posts with visors and glasses on the forum ( I am just not off work yet).


You really are the class clown, you know? :kissing_heart:


I’m an ass. :joy:


Ok so tell me if this is right for my next steps:
Paint nails, bake
Paint eyebrows, bake
Varnish (thin layer of Americana ultra matte, thin layer of American soft touch)
Wait three weeks :weary: (please say there’s another way)
Root eyebrows, eyelashes, and hair
Gloss lips, nails, etc.

@jeanhai What type of air dry gloss do you recommend over GHSP? I know @yelena uses pledge. I have some of that. I’m going to use it on my first kit. I wanted to try another method on my second just to compare and see what I liked best. I was going to use my genesis gloss. Why do you prefer an air dry over the Genesis gloss? @Nikkiroc what do you gloss with?

For acrylic eyes I use Pledge. For lips I use Americana Soft Touch Varnish straight from the jar and when that dries Mod Podge Gloss where I want them to look wet. I also use it for eye corners and for saliva inside open mouths. For fingernails I use Soft Touch Varnish straight from the jar. Just a light coat. It dries with a natural sheen which I like better than a French manicure on a baby. I use air dry paints so I use air dry gloss.


What do you use to gloss?

I do like ‘Reborn with Me’ teached me:
Paint nail tips - bake
Paint nail beds - bake

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Thank you! I was going to do that. I got some heat set nail extender from MacPhersons and can’t wait to try that. Just gotta push through a huge pile of assignments and one exam Friday morning and then I can work on both Kate and Clyde. Can’t wait!

I never used it. So you want to try just for experiment? You think the nails are too short?