How do you display your keepers?

I was just wondering how everyone displays their keepers? Or do you display them? Do you have a room for them or all they all over the house? I have a few keepers. Ones that I reborn and a couple that I got before I started reborning. They are kept in my room put up but my husband says I should find a place to display them so that I can enjoy them all the time.He said I work to hard on them not show them off and enjoy them. (I love him). So how do you display yours?

I love Moses baskets I will have to see if I can find any of them. I do have a book shelf I am thinking of cleaning off and putting them there.
I love your baby Zane!

I keep acquiring baby furniture! 2 bassinets, a changing table, 2 cribs and a car seat! It’s getting crowded!

Your husband sounds so nice. I have a cradle and changing table in my craft room but hubby wants them to stay there.

I use Moses baskets as well Love them!

I have a moses basket that I made for my niece who is 26 years old now, all the kids have used it.since her. I am a nut for 50’s baby furniture, I have a big buggy, 2 of those metal strollers and a round bassinet. Also 2 bouncy chairs and 2 car seats. I love having them all over the house, they are good company! I have used the basket for all the La Newborns that I’ve had on e-bay, they look so cute in it. I do love to look at those babies!

i have mine in a bassinet.

I would love to have a bassinet. My sister had a wooden rocking cradle for her oldest son. I wonder what ever happened to that. I would love to have it. It was beautiful.I do have a couple of baskets and I think I will try and find a way to fix them up on the shelf I have.
I have really enjoyed hearing how everyone displays their babies.

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I am incredibly lucky.I have a room over the three car garage/ shop area, so 1000 sq foot that is Mine ALLLLL mine. its been finished with light butter yellow walls, and creamy white trim work my son made for the room I have my work area for sewing babies, and scrapbooking and what ever else strikes me in about 1/3 of the space and the rest is display. I love antique and vintage baby furniture. Hate all this new plastic stuff. I have an antique iron crib a silver cross buggy, assorted walkers, small tables and chairs and some antique chinese stuff for all the dolls. I also bought all the display cabinets form a furniture store that sold bedspread sets in big bags(bed in a bag ) and they decided to get rid of the shelving so I bought it all for my other dolls, porcelain, Gene, American Girl, and assorted " just cause I want them" dolls. Its still a work in progress, half the blinds are up, the other await the time my hubby can get to it, and the curtains have been bought, a year ago but waiting for the blinds…that sort of thing. I am so lucky and I know it. I really dont like ther rest of the house all that much but I LOVE this room. It’s so me, and so comfy and soothing. Someday I will redecorate the rest ofthe house to reflect me. But who has time?

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Your right, you are so lucky!!

I’m trying to set up the smallest bedroom (and I mean small!) for dolls in addition to storing stuff and two dressers for my sister, some stuff for Catherine, a bed, two small dressers of mine, a cabinet, a nightstand, and several other things. Since the room is only 10 by 12, it is getting tight in there! But the poor babies end up thrown on the bed or in my room either in a laundry basket or on the floor. I really plan to take better care of them, promise!!! I have the bassinet from Cait that I am hoping to find a spot for (probably will have to be in my bedroom) once we get some of the reoganization done around here. I have a couple of other dolls displayed on bookcases or a corner cabinet but the reborns are my babies and get played with…sort of. Making jewelry or clothes or measuring crocheted things that I need to try on a baby means telling Cait to bring me one! I guess I am closer to the three year old than a collector!

I knew what a pram was but had to look up Silver Cross since I was wondering if they were antique or modern. Then had to find out what a pushchair was…stroller. Curiousity killed the cat…

I had to look them up too. I love looking at all the different baby furniture. I just wish I had room for some of it.

Is it wrong to admit I collect antique dolls? I have limited myself to one curio Cabinet, which is full. SO now if I want a new one, I have to part with one.

I wish I would have kept a few of my dolls, but I really enjoy making them more. SO the faster I can sell one the faster I can start a new one.