How do you decide

If it’s not an order, how do you decide who you’re going to do next? I have a whole pile of babies that were going to be next until a new one came along and actually WAS next. If this keeps up, I’ll never get to them all.


Do rio! I want to see how the mod turns out. :wink:


I was thinking that but I really want to paint Celeste. I’ll do Rio first just for you.


It depends on my mood when I’m ready to start a new one :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: I also have a tendency to trade the one I just had to have if I don’t paint it within a reasonable time. This is why I can’t have a large stash. :flushed:


Or atleast one reason I can’t have a large stash. Haha


I also work on the one that “calls” me.


I always pull out a few heads of the ones that really grab me and do a mottling coat on all of them, then just let them sit there looking at me while I work on custom orders…and eventually one of them will out the others and I do that one…lol

At the moment I have a Grant, Elliot Evangeline and Aurora Sky staring at me (I insert eyes into the open eyed ones too so they can actually just stare at me…it sort of motivates me…Elliot and Grant have eyes and are both wearing baseball caps at the moment…not sure which of those two will win out first…I like Grant better but Elliot is going to be more of a challenge so will depend on the mood I am in when I make my decision…

Me too…I love monkeys…have collected them since I was about 8 years old… :smile:

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I’ve just finished the triplets. I did Teagan and Tayla as soon as they arrived but, for some reason, I kept putting off doing Taite. I finally got round to finishing him yesterday and he’s actually turned out to be my absolute favourite of the three xx

I decide on which kits to do next by pulling out a few from my stash that I’m drawn to and then I try to narrow it down to just one. It’s not always that easy to choose though, especially when I keep pulling out ‘just one more’ lol :blush:


I usually do the ones that inspire at the time.

I pull one from the stash start on it, then I have my customs that I have to fulfill so on the sidelines it goes. Then instead of completing the one in progress I see another I want to create, customs again, sidelines again…I have 12 or more on the sidelines (lost count), and I wont say how many I can choose from, oh and customs again…I need to have a kit sale too :open_mouth: