How do Reborn Kits come packaged to you?

Hey everyone!

I just bought my first kit, Megan! How do they come packaged to you? Could you share pictures? I’ve never ordered one before. I’m wanting to make this for my daughter as one of her Christmas gifts. I’m not new to art, just to the reborn process!

Also, how long does it normally take for Bountiful Baby to ship your order?

It normally takes 2-3 days for me to get my order.

the kit will come in a plastic zip lock bag
inside a USPS box

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Oh okay. Thanks!

Bump for pictures.

Do they send realborns with the special box? I’ve only bought one as a second.

No. Those boxes cost more in shipping to ship etc, so they stopped sending them. To send them they had to send a box larger than the realborn box.


Aww that’s too bad. I’d pay for the boxas an extra!

I figured that lol. Do they send you a picture or paper work of the doll you have? A certificate of authenticity?

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COAs - For the realborns yes (unless they are seconds)

Their other kits do not have COAs.

You just get the receipt, no paper work or pictures


And that’s because the Realborns are sculpted and made of RL babies, correct?

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Yes their realborns are made from scans of real babies.

Their other kits are open editions sculpted by various sculptors.

Most kits say the kit name on the flange of the vinyl parts or the back of the neck

Other kit dealers do have COA’s for most kits. Limited edition kits will have numbers and only a certain amount. For example if the kit has 1500 worldwide it might say 55/1500 on the COA

Other kits that are open editions have a little card that says the kit and sculptor info. (Most anyways)


Wonderful, thank you!