How do I fix this!?

My Bettie’s head has been starting to dip in a little bit, but I thought that it would be coverable. This last time I baked her though, during her final layer, her head metled to the point where I can’t cover it. How do I save this??? Do I heat it up and then stick some towels in there to reshape it?? Do I use vinyl putty?? This is the first time in two years I’ve had a part melt because it was too close to the top, and of course it’s when I’m getting back into reborning.

Oh, jeeze… I’ve melted… 3 times? :sweat_smile: So sorry. I know it’s so discouraging when it happens. I would personally try to reheat/reshape. I’ve had good luck packing the head tight with polyfil and reheating it. But then again it just depends on how melted/thin the vinyl has gotten… I’m sure some of the more seasoned ladies here will chime in! Maybe they’ll have a trick or two up their sleeves!

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If it’s still structurally sound, you can just stuff it really tight and it should pop back up. But if it’s cracked inside, I would layer the inside with vinyl putty and bake it.


I wouldn’t reheat it while it’s packed really tight. I did that once because someone told me to. But that made it split. The polyfil can expand and pop the head.


This sucks though because she’s super cute. I hope you can fix it. :heart:


Oh, yikes! Yes, I could see how that could happen! Hasn’t to me yet, but thank you I’ll definitely keep that in mind going forward!


I do never bake heads standing …especially the bigger once. I do hope you will be able to fix it


I would first try hot water inside upside down. Maybe the heat and weight will reshape?


I’d try boiling water inside the head. When I did this to reshape the bridge of a nose, I put a towel in a pan of water, put the head in (filled with water) and brought it to a boil. I turned off the heat and let it sit for a minute to soften the vinyl. Then I took the head out, poured out the water, shaped the nose bridge with a rubber band and let it cool. It kept the new shape. I think this might work for your head if you stuff it while it’s still hot and let it cool into shape. I’d put a tennis ball, or something similar that’s round, under the indentation before putting the stuffing in.


For future reference, it looks like the top of your head is too close to the heating element in your oven. Try changing that by moving the rack down or if you can’t do that lay the head on its side when heat setting.


Thank you ladies!!! I stuffed it with polyfil and heated it again, watching it closely to make sure it didn’t split. Her head is almost normal now!! Thank you so much!

For future reference, how should I bake the head if not upright/on the neck flange? I’ve never tried another way because I’m scared it’ll change the head shape.

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I have laid them on their side when they are big and propped them up on a towel.

Roll up a small hand towel/dish towel or the likes, make a donut ring and put the head on that. Place the back on the head in the ring that way your head isn’t sitting up so close to the heating element.(I should elaborate here: use this method when baking a larger head). Now to fix the head, I would fill the head with boiling water sitting upside down in a bowl that fits the head well, let it sit and cool, your dent should be gone. That’s what I do.


Do you use a Nuwave? Do you have an extender ring?

My larger heads I bake on the side placing a rolled rag/washcloth under the head so that the ears aren’t laying flat. I bake for 4 minutes and flip and then bake for another 4 minutes on the other side.

When I varnish, I lay the heat flat with the face up bake for 4 minutes then 3 on each side (varnish I bake for 10 minutes).