How do I contact Emily

I tried to contact Emily at BB about the Irelyn Challenge but haven’t recieved any response so I think I did it wrong. Can anyone help?

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I believe you just type @EmilyBB. This will show her a notice when she gets on here so when she clicks on it it will take her to your comment.

She doesn’t always keep up with the forum every day, but I bet she will be back in touch with you next week. The old forum had a way to set up polls and everyone would send photos (preferably a collage) to the designated person and they would post all the entries with a number and everyone had an opportunity to vote. I don’t see an option for settingup a poll, but I bet it is somewhere?

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Hopefully Emily will be able to tell me. I’m not so good at all this so I need all the help I can get. Thanks Pia.
by the way, Pia, I am so impressed with how you go the extra mile to help people with everything on this forum. You are a real superhero! I was just telling my husband this a.m. that you go out of your way to track down links, etc, for everybody.


Good Deb, that’s what I did, so I should hear back next week.

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I think you will hear back. Emily is good for getting back with those that need her. And yes Pia is the best. Yes we are talking about you Pia. Shes helped me several times and directed me in the right direction. I got a question shes whom I hollar for! LOL!!!


So what’s the challenge to do Irelyn? I will do it sounds like fun. Let me know the details when it has to be done etc :slight_smile:

Leslie76, All we know so far is that some of us thought Irelyn was not as pretty as some other babies so we challenged each other to make a really cute Irelyn. It’s not a contest with prizes, just a fun activity. The time frame has not yet been established nor the exact posting places. I’ll keep in touch. Read anything with Irelyn in the heading.