How big is your personal reborn collection?

Just wondering, for fun and out of curiosity, how many reborns some of you ladies have in your personal collection??? ones you only made for yourself or ones you fell in love with and just had to keep!!! I only have two that i have made but have 10 more kits to reborn. I don’t have any plans to sell any at the moment (i am making one for a friends daughter for christmas!)so i kinda plan to keep them all!! I will give some to my mom and daughter of course. In the future I may start selling some once i get confident in my skills.
Anyways share you collection if you want and I would love to see a photo of anyones collections too!!! Yes i know i sound super nosy, lol!!! oh and does anyone have their own youtube channel?? I see lots of vids on there and would love to subscribe to someone here!

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I have 4, I made Libby and have done 2 swaps and my Victoria Rose

Just one for now, Sophia Madelina Brown. Krista and Bethany Murray will probably join her once I’m done reborning them.

All the others I will gladly part with

I started out thinking I would make them to sell and was excited to think about all the money I might make but after I finished my first few babies, I found the thought of parting with them too difficult. I did finally get over that and have made many to sell over the last 4 years but my primary reason for making them is to make them for me. I have mostly my own dolls but there are a few from other reborners in my collection also.

thank you sooooo much for sharing your photos of your collection jubileej!! I love looking at all your babies! its so interesting to hear about about how some collect and some don’t!!!

I have zero babies in my collection as of now

I have about 26 downstairs and upstairs about 12 in my room. But about 5 are for sale right now.

I have 7 reborns, two of which was made by someone else.
2 silicones
and 23 manufactured dolls that are mostly Middletons and 3 Masterpiece toddlers.

I have a Tibby that I made for myself. Having been a reborner for for 10 years, I have made a boatload of babies…stopped keeping track at 400, but I don’t collect reborns.

However, I DO collect dolls and have around 200 of them. I have dolls from the Marie Osmond line, Himstedt, Masterpiece, Lee Middleton…I’ve been a doll collector since I was born, seriously.

Fun topic!

I have five. I have given the rest away.

wow thanks to all the ladies for sharing your collection pics and/or stories!!!

oh and little jacob looks adorable in that sleeper, Im going to be looking for a premie outfit this weekend for Anna that I just reborn a few days ago who has nothing that fits!!!