How are sells on

How is selling right now on I finally have some babies to list and Facebook just isn’t working. I haven’t renewed by account for months now and with all the changes that have went on I wanted to know if it was worth it.

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I hadn’t renewed my membership since December when all the changes went into effect. But then I had all these babies building up. So I finally got around to taking pictures of them. I renewed my membership about 10 days ago and posted a bunch of babies. In those 10 days I’ve sold 3 babies already! Two of them were through reborns, one was through Facebook. I figure if I sell at least 1 through reborns I’ve made my money back, at least compared to eBay.

Thank you that makes me feel better about renewing my account. I’m tired of Facebook and I don’t want to even get started on eBay.

I find that my alternatives usually sell through Facebook (I post them in groups dedicated to alternative reborns) but my realistic babies usually sell best through reborns. That has been the case with these 3 babies I’ve sold in the last few days.

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I renew account last week and sold 3 babies out of 4.
IMO, sales are not as active as they were when many received stimulus check, but still moving very well.


Great! Thank you so much.

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I think a lot depends on the pricing!

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That is true. My 4th one is higher priced rooted LE baby. She got so much attention from international buyers though, but I don’t want to ship outside the US at this time.


I don’t blame you for that, the mail is pretty unreliable at this time.

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