How are realborns made?

I love the realborns kits! <3
Now I don’t like 99% of “normal” kits because they don’t look as real! Proportions off, fingers “boxy”, or sasage like, etc… Haha! (Tho sometimes you want that particular expression, or those big eyes, or the tounge sticking out or a toothy little grin etc)


I had a few questions about how the realborns “sculpts” were made.

  1. how do they get the side of the baby that is laying down? The 3D scanner can only scan the visible side of an object… But if the baby is laying in a natural position then half of it is hidden from the camera… If they flip the baby over then it will change position. If they lift an arm or foot to scan then it would be in a “not natural resting position”

So how do they get all 3D angles of a baby??

  1. how are the awakes made? Do they rescan the baby awake? Or just resculpt the eyes and area around the eyes?

  2. real babies are “squishy” so sometimes the bed or whatever the baby is lying on will deform the cheek or leg…

My questions are just details about HOW they scan and alter Realborn kits.


I am not very knowledgeable about these type things, but I am fascinated! I do love the RealBorns!

I recall someone saying that the awake RealBorns eye area has to be sculpted most of the time because awake babies aren’t usually still enough for scans. Whomever does the sculpting does a fantastic job of it.

These are all good questions. I don’t know if we will get the official answers though. Somethings about the process have to be kept secret. :wink:


I’m not an expert by any means, but it would seem that once the computer scan is done and the image is formed, the remaining / hidden portions of the baby would need to be replicated by a sculptor. I don’t know if they ever scan awake babies, but I don’t think a newborn that’s awake would be still enough to scan. Realborns would seem to me to be partially scanned and partially sculpted creations. No other way I can imagine to get a totally 3D image. Not sure if there is more than one sculptor who works on them.
I wish they would create a video of the entire process so we could see what’s involved with making Realborns.


guessing but how about an enclosed scanner such as when you have health tests done thereby scanning the entire baby front back and sides? :confounded:


Gravity would not be on your side even then. Some parts would be flattened or distorted because of the weight or position of the baby and would still need to be resculpted. Wish they would let us in on the process!


I’d say since they’re never full body, they can do it in sections. So head and limbs separately.
They’re also sculpted afterwards, to make sure it all looks okay.
And yes, awake kits are just sleepers with the eyes sculpted open. An awake baby would probably move way too much.
Id love to see a video or pictures of how it all works though!


Maybe the scanner surface is clear and the machine rotates around the baby? Just guessing.

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I was thinking that they probably do multiple scans in a variety of positions and then put them together. Kind of like editing photos? You could scan arms and legs from all angles and even the head. I also thought in the description of the Realborns, it credits Denise Prat with some of the creation. I’ll have to see if I can find that reference, but I was thinking she was behind any “sculpting” that needed to be done to perfect the images/scans.


What a great topic! I love the RealBorns but never gave much thought to how they are created. I guess some parts would flatten out or get distorted. It would be amazing to see a video of the process. Maybe PBS should do a documentary.


Let’s see if they will tell us? @bbsupport

Business wise I would NOT post it on a public forum.

There are enough fake kits and such as it is. It is kinda nice that BB is the only company doing 3D scans.


I don’t think it the kinda secret you could just go out and copy:

I mean it is something like:. “first we buy a 5 million dollar scanner, then we buy 10 million dollar printer… We scan the top and bottom independently and have a highly trained computer artist type put it together, then we have a mold made in clay… then we have a very talented sculpter smooth it out and fix anything like squish face or holes in the final copy etc”

None of us can just say, “oh! Then I’LL do that!” Because we so can’t!

And if we had terribly expensive equipment and a highly trained very talent d artist at our disposal we’d probably ALREADY know how to do it!

My guess is they scan “the best angle” (may capture limbs and the head in different tries if one move or is obsecured too much etc…) Then they sculpt the back (the side facing the blanket or bed).

That is my guess


I am probably in a small group of my own as usual lol but while I am curious I am not so curious that I just have to know the full precise manner in which they are produced .
As long as they continue to make them and perhaps improving as they go and selling at the very reasonable price they maintain I think I am good with that . :smile:


I can’t wait till technology is such that they can capture a fraction of a second like snapping a photo! Then imagine the realborns there will be! Plenty of awake and cute expressions


Me too! I am curious and fascinated by the whole idea that this is even possible. If my husband were to be involved in this conversation, it would drive him crazy. He would talk about it for weeks trying to figure it out. And he would drive me crazy. :smile: While I would say, they know what they are doing, I don’t have to. :relaxed:


I can certainly live the rest of my life without knowing all the details, but I am curious about it. This sort of technology fascinates me. I don’t know if BB will ever let us in on how they create them, but if they would I’d love it!


I agree, I wish BB could make a video of how the realborning kits process are made.:slightly_smiling_face: