How 1/27/19 USPS increase affects your chipping charge?

How 1/27/19 USPS increase affects your chipping charge? Do you adjusted it in listing or you tell buyer that it will be calculated based on the zone?

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I think they said the if it fits boxes are going up also. So the large and mediums will cost us more.

I always use large flat rate boxes, so my shipping actually decreased by a 5 cents :smile:


Just shipped a 4lb Luxe Brace with a couple outfits from Florida to Washington state today and it cost 52 dollars :persevere: usually to Washington costs me around 40-42 dollars.


Wow. That is insane, @ellakabella


My latest large flat rate box was $19.95 but they’re too small for most of my babies and the layettes that I include.


I mailed from KY to Washington state last year and it was about $46. When that plane crosses the Mississippi it gets expensive!!!


So I ALWAYS use a large rectangle box and ALWAYS pay a ton.

I choose to ship that way though… anyhow I can ship to WA, OR, and UT for less than $20… Insured and signature around $25…

Everywhere else I have shipped is close to $40-$50
FL, RI, Bermuda, about $60
Canada about $65

This is all without the increase…

Last week I shipped to Rhode Island for $59, and Utah for $21 so I didn’t notice much of an increase at all.


Same here. I use larger boxes so I always end up paying quite a bit. Anything west of me is crazy expensive. Something about crossing the Mississippi is what does it for me. California and Texas are probably the states that cost me the most to ship to.

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Wonder if need to add shipping costs? I have all of my listings with free shipping

What size box are you using? I buy from Uline the 16 x 8 x 8 and it runs around $27 - $31 with signature confirmation every where in the US.

24x10x8 - I dont like to bend the dolls. I prefer to lay them flat

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Mine are pretty tight - in a fetal position and with the blanket they are not going to move, thats for sure lol

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