Hooray for consignment shops!

They have awesome sales, Lynn. I agree they have some things priced higher than what I’d be willing to spend but I look for the special outfits I can’t find anywhere else. They’re a great place to pick up white onesies.

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They had so much stuff Amy it was hard to even see the clothes they were so tightly packed on the racks. Too much trouble for me, I guess I’m not really a shopper. I just like to go in a store—see what I want----and get the heck out!!! I do love to look in Babies R Us though. I have one those just across the freeway from me, I love that store but it’s really expensive.


I don’t like it when the racks get too full, either. That seems to be a management issue as some stores do it and some don’t. I LOVE Babies r Us but I have to get their sale items. I love to shop in there, though.