Honest critique

We here at BB try to keep this a fun safe and enjoyable place and always say nice things .
This is wonderful and THE reason why I stay here … How ever I and a few others are wondering if it is actually hurting the advancment of this art for some who really are trying to get better at Reborning-
So I am making this offer …If you wish to PM me pics of your babies at any stage I will offer Honest oppinions and help in any way I can-there are others who are also willing to do the same -and well be honest and helpful at the same time. Please Only ask for Honest crit. if you really want it and so as to prevent board problems only as PMs.
Otherwise as always we will only say nice and incourageing things …
Also if you are willing to help teach by sharing your knowlage and also offer honest Critiques you are welcome to also offer this in this post-
Please understand I am in no way an expert but I have been reborning for about6 years and have been a teacher (at heart) all my adult life

This ounds great. There are so many nice people who can’t do this for people so I’ll send pics of my next and can’t wait to hear what you say

Cher, you have presented a great idea. I also do not consider myself an expert but am willing to give suggestions to others, too. I think everyone sharing their experiences will make this such a wonderful place to come to. Some people might not wish to post a picture for everyone to see but might be more comfortable asking an individual.

I’ve been reborning for almost 10 years and I am certainly no expert, either, but I’d be happy to help in any way I can. See? That’s the BEST part of this forum…we look out for each other and help each other! I am always looking to learn something new.

so dont post asking on here pm you right?

What a GREAT idea Cher!! You can add me to the list of pm critiquers. I have been at this craft for coming up on 9 years and spend hours on ebay dissecting even the most expensive babies. I will offer kind, honest critique and information to move you forward in your techniques and hopefully you will learn something useful. You can choose to use the information we share or not. We don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings BUT if you ask our opinion and your hair is pluggy, your baby has clown lips or the nail tips are too white/heavy I will tell you and I think anyone else who undertakes this will also. BE PREPARED!!!
We only want everyone to be successful!!!

Please rest assured that we are only trying to help and will offer ways to fit the problems we point out -Not " That looks bad "-but you might try this or that to get this look and here is how I do that…So if I see pluggy hair I might say -“well the hair looks a bit pluggy -what size needle are you using and have to tried any rooting DVDs or TUTS I use a 42-43 forked needle and find it works well for me”

Great when the time comes I would like to hear what is a most prominent problem in your opinion and if you can ways to improve that. Thank you I like hearing my babies are nice but this sounds great so I can move on up. So that’s sounds wonderful. And Cher like you just said see I’ve never even owned a forked needle so there is a problem that is already being helped. I also need to grab some of your mohair in the near future. Thanks for the support everyone.

Well I think this well prove a Huge help for those who are looking to grow in this art -I know I am always learning something new -and finding ways to improve !!!

oh yes…what Cher said. We won’t be mean. I won’t just say something needs fixing and not help you find a solution.

What would really be to your benefit and easier for those of us helping is if you ask our opinion along the way. Heavy lip color or too white nail tips are easier to fix before they are sealed. Hair is easier to fix before it is glued. I usually spend an entire day sitting under a good light combing through my babies hair a small bit at a time and tweezing the ‘follicles’ with too much hair. It’s easy before it’s glued. All of us…even the gals who take home thousands of dollars a baby, are constantly tweaking how we do things. That’s what keeps this art/craft moving forward.

Cher this will help me grately. I do have a question, you say you use a fork needle but us that dont which needle and size do you recommend us to use that will still give almost the same results?

Karen what size needle do your use now? I use a 43 one barb and even with just one barb I still need to pull some hair back out. I have some forked needles that I find very hard to use. I know I should give them another try but it is just easier to pick up what I’m comfortable with and get to work.

Cher - this is an awesome idea! I think we all need help from time to time and if all we hear is that our babies our beautiful, that may stroke our egos but it does nothing for our skills if everyone is just being “nice”.

Count me in to help if needed. Although I have only been reborning for 16 months, I have made porcelain dolls for many years prior to reborning and a lot of those skills are similar so I have caught on very quickly. But also count me in for asking advice from all of you! I prefer honest critique - I want to learn how to do things the right way!

Thank you all!

Thank you and I also will be asking for Honest crit as well !!!

Cindy, I know what you mean about needles. I have never been able to get the hang of forked needles. I used crown needles for a bit, but always seemed to have so much trouble. I went back to barbed and remove hairs as needed. Takes a lot of practice, too. I need to work on rooting around the face. So tips there are appreciated.

I would love to help also, so I don’t mind being a pm critiquer!

— Begin quote from “trapple575”

I would love to help also, so I don’t mind being a pm critiquer!

— End quote

Welcome to the Crit Club

hahahahaha …The Crit Club. I Love it!!! So now we have:
Cher, Carmen, Kim, Karen, Tonya, and myself…did I forget anyone. Is anyone else willing to be an honest critique helper. Let us know :0)

Good point, Kay…and it’s nice to see you here today!

I agree Totally and that is why we ask others to help also -the only rule is you must be willing to help the reborner to correct the problem by giving tips and advise -not just Criticizum- Example given in previous posts