Homely Jennie

I have stripped this kit, rerooted hair, repainted, everything, and she never comes out right. What else can I do with her? I’m not a great photographer, but any other feedback would be greatly appreciated

I can take criticism, I teach middle school :wink:


I’m wondering if it’s the kit- a lot of people are having trouble with this kit. I have one I’m starting tomorrow but now I’m making her into a character doll because I held the face in my hands and I thought I can’t do too much with her it feels like. . The sleeping one I just finished though she was really cute.


But that being said, I think your Jennie is really cute

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I think she looks great. I find the awake Realborns to be the hardest to capture realism.
Sometimes, positioning the eyes at a sideways glance can help.


I too think it is the kit. With wide set eyes it’s hard to get the eyes to sit in a realistic manner it almost looks to dolly…with any artist… if you go up a size you have heck of a time getting the eyes to fit but if you use the correct size it just doesn’t look right. I have been steering away from most of the realborn awake kits in the newborn size because of that. I wish we could find a set of eyes that accustom to the wide set eyes on these kits. just not nearly as much white showing.


I actually tried larger eyes first and found that I preferred these. I also tried a couple of different colors. It’s like the face is too round and…featureless? She looks froggy to me. She is the first awake realborn I have done. Is this problem in many of the realborn awake kits?

I also had a hard time with this kit. But the sleeping version, I loooovvee.:blush:

I think your version looks good. I

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She’s adorable!! But saying that! I have this awake kit and given the issues I’ve seen you will find her in the for sale section LOL

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Now I want to try her. lol I like challenging kits. The real baby Jennie doesn’t have very defined eyelids. Maybe that’s what looks dolly-ish in the kit?

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She does have some lavender around her eyes and some blue-green between the eyes. Is the mint green to tone down the red? If so, my pictures make her look redder than she actually is. I am just a poor photographer and a poor photo editor :stuck_out_tongue: I have never done a mint green wash. I’ll have to try it :slight_smile:

I think she’s cute!

I think she’s cute! And the real baby is pretty pink. So the picture you posted, are the eyes the recommended size or larger? I’m trying to decide for my own. This picture the eyes are up a size because that’s what I had on hand-still a WIP


I think once she has lashes that will help her face too :blush:

I just finished my Jennie, she is turning into a he. I don’t see girl like I planned at all. Haven’t taken pics yet, I have to shop for boy clothes. I loved the prototype, but it didn’t turn out the way I hoped.

I think she’s cute !!

Does mine need lashes or the other baby? I usually don’t do lashes. For some reason, I don’t like them. I have even plucked them from a baby in my collection :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Awe! I like the eyes you have with the slightly crossed look. The eyes wouldn’t stay that way when I tried with the larger ones. Maybe I will try tilting her eyes with the smaller ones.

Thanks- those eyes are crammed in there lol. I still might buy both sizes and see what looks best. As far as eyelashes, I was talking about your doll as a possible suggestion. Maybe they would add to her face a little? But not necessary, just whatever you think. The real baby has such deepest eyes that you don’t see much lashes, especially since she is blond. Maybe you would see them more towards the outside corners. I like the eyes you picked-they are very pretty

Thanks! They are the German glass eyes from BB

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And customers who buy your dolls didn’t request lushes? Or don’t ask later to add lushes? Do you do that disclaimer in your posting? I am asking because I had hard time with eyebrows.