Home page video

I very much enjoyed watching the ROSE video on the home page. Looks like the expo was great fun. I saw many familiar faces. I am hoping to be able to go next year. With two sons getting married this year, I just couldn’t swing it.

So did anyone else notice the lady walking backward at the beginning of the video? :joy:


Hahaha! That is funny! It was a Drone recording. :slight_smile: Not sure why it was reversed. lol

I loved seeing it. I’d never be able to go, so I was happy to see at least a bit of it.
The part with the big teddy bears really made me laugh. It looked like so much fun!
I didn’t notice the lady at first. Maybe they thought the shot looked better going from the right to the left instead of from left to right. They probably didn’t notice the lady, haha. :joy:

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It was every bit as fun as it looked ! WORTH every penny !!! Start saving now for next year - youll be glad you did !!!My Hubby watched the video two times !!!LOL


I also enjoyed watching everyone and their babies and all of the little girls with their babies. So fun!!