Holy cow

Got my Emmy sculpt today. That is one big baby. I love it she is so darn cute! Picture with my almost 5 year old grand son


Awwwwwwww, I am trying not to get her right now. :scream: She is so awesome! Your grandson is cute! What color is his hair?

His hair is kinda medium brown with a bit of blond. It will get lighter in th summer sun
I have a big ponytail of his hair to make him a doll with. It was down to his butt


That’s him in the dark blue shirt


Wow she is HUGE!! Guess that one will never fit in my Nuwave! Good luck working on her. She is beautiful but I could never make such a big baby

That is lucky he had all that hair, lol!

Wow she’s BIG!! He’s a very handsome boy!! How are you going to bake her?

Yep! She is HUGE!!!

I go back and forth with heat set and air dry. I think she will be done with air dry. I only have 1 extender ring and would not want to use my reg oven. I’m on my 5th doll with air dry so getting the hang of it pretty good I think

these are both air dry


Wow they are lovely!!! <3 :slight_smile:

Thank you not done yet but getting there

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I love the Shyanne kit…she’s on my buy list when the sale comes :slight_smile: