Holly has changed

I bought another Holly sculpt and not only have the limbs changed but the face
It was for a portrait sculpt doll for a very particular customer
She looks a little less sweet faced
I liked her before.
First I thought I was bugging Out but I’m definitely not
The sculpt will still work but she’s different
I thought she was perfect
I thought Maybe they sent out a new release face.to me by accident
I might not have known if I didn’t just finish a Holly but I can’t say
She has different ears, lips, and I feel like she has a heavier brow.
I like the new vinyl color however
Can’t.wait to try painting it
I know that Gabriel Gena Cozy changed. I wonder what others? I have to say though I though Holly and Cozy were already perfect

kathrynpgadomski uploaded this image to
kathrynpgadomski uploaded this image to

I guess the change is only slight
I probably wouldn’t have even noticed if I didn’t just make one lol
I like the feet

I just hope that they don’t start changing every kit and then not changing the pictures on their website. I noticed that they are still using the old pictures of Scarlett, Gabriel, Gena, etc. But at least in those cases we are shown a photo of the new blank compared to the old. Holly does not have any such pictures and I think that might make things a little more difficult in the future - especially if you are doing a portrait baby. I just compared your picture to the BB picture, and Holly does now appear to have much fuller cheeks. It also looks like she’s lost just a bit of her little smile, which is sad because it’s that smile that grabs you when you first see her. I’m sure you will make a stunning baby from the new Holly blank (and you must post pictures when she’s finished). But I’m going to miss the old Holly.

I wish that BB would have changed everything but the faces on the new sculpts. The faces were never a problem.

As far as I know the baby is her sweet daughter. Her youngest from family.