Holidays are approaching…

Is it me or is time speeding by faster than ever?

I can’t believe that I am painting Christmas babies already, didn’t we just do this?

I feel like sales are slowly picking up, hopefully things will get Christmas busy soon.

I am still not painting as much as before, I am back to fine art.

I miss YouTube. I can’t get into my account and there no humans at YouTube to help troubleshoot. I need to start with a new channel (sad face). It was so much work getting that going.

I may do more than just Reborns this time around, I don’t know, I have to think on it. After the initial fear and nervousness I kinda started liking it and miss it.

I use to save all my favorite sculpts and now I am just painting them and having fun. I found a bunch of big old babies in my stash, I want to do something a little crazy with those that does NOT involve rooting a giant basketball head.

I am being stingy with my genesis. I wish I would have hoarded paint instead of sculpts over the years.

Reborns seems to still be getting good traffic but sales across the board are not like they use to be and so many people have brought prices down. (Snark warning) there are still those get rich quick folks who didn’t get the memo and are trying to sell 900.00 sharpie babies, sigh…

I went baby clothes shopping for the first time in a long time because I only had one pair of preemie pajamas left. I gave myself an intervention and bought two gowns, that was all. I need to thin down the baby clothes I have collected.

My goal is to paint my stash down, have fun, keep it loose and easy.

Anyone have dolly making goals, frustration, proud moments?


Jaybus, that is a lot of I statements, sorry.

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Still not much motivation over here. I wish I could root and watch a movie… but I root at my desk. So I normally put on episodes or youtube videos/tutorials.

I would love to see all types of your artwork on your channel. :heart:


Man, it all feels like it’s going so fast. In my mind, Halloween is a few weeks from now. Still can’t wrap my head around the fact that it’s in a few days. I have one doll that I generally change along with seasons and holidays and she’s still in her summer outfit since that’s what I keep thinking is appropriate!

I am doing nothing right now…i scroll ebay and get discouraged bc out of all the babies listed its mostly NO bids on any of them.

For the first time ever I put a doll on a BIN auction and he’s still sitting there.

If he doesnt sell by Sunday…I’m pulling the auction and will just turn him into a girl next spring…IF…I even have my stuff unpacked by then.

Days are all the same basically now…get up…get the littles some breakfast…Brandie and T run out the door …get Ellie on the bus…clean up a bit…head up to the house and work until dark…come back down…and crash…next day…repeat…

Sundays are busy…but at least we dont work…woohoo!!!

AND…today i am staying here until about 10 or 11…chuck and his brother are going to get the piping for the gas line first thing…so i get to stay here and do some laundry…and i think i will mop the floors for Brandie. They have been so good to us letting us live here while we build…its been so convenient to just walk out the back door and up the hill!!!

Ok…so I seriously took a turn and hijacked this thread to somewhere away from dolls…sorry about that…i DO have a rambling problem…:joy:

Back to dolls…i havent even wanted to buy any kits…until i saw Pia’s Oskar …that one i woud love to have!!! :heart:

And…I am not sure I will even keep painting when i run out of Genesis…


I don’t want to think about Christmas yet as Halloween is just around the corner.
Time flew faster as I age !
I didn’t sold a doll since July, first time it happens since my beginning 6 years ago. Even bringing down my prices didn’t help. Is it the economy? The scammers ? The fake kits? All of the answers?

I have slowed down on my YouTube channel as I was sick as heck and lacking motivation to both paint and film. It sucks that you are not able to get access to your account! Did you get kicked out or it’s a technical problem?

I have too much kits to paint but I think I will sell some as I am not sure if sales will be the same anytime soon, it’s money sleeping there. I have decided to experiment new colors and techniques, different brand of paint (for my channel it’s a good idea).

Go crazy with your kits, have fun, be creative as you have so much talent for that !
I don’t use genesis paint so for me it’s not an issue but I can understand how the thought of lacking paint can be stressful.

This hobby is beginning to be difficult to enjoy as my dolls are piling up, hard to keep painting them when nobody want them. Space and money are not infinite!


I think I will not order (LOL) any new kits, paint till I run out of Genesis, get my stash down to manageable size. I need to sell some kits or paint faster or maybe sell faster. :rofl:

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Hey lady, it’s been a long time since I’ve heard from you! I need to know if there is anywhere that we can go to see you “paint” any more? If your You Tube doesn’t work is there someplace else we can go to at least see your babies? I really miss watching you, please try to get back on. What happened to your channel anyway?? @Gabriell

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I know how that is. It works until a new kit that I can’t resist is released.

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I’ve been having frustration. Instagram deleted my account a month ago so I lost everything. I created a new account and after a couple weeks they disabled my new account for a week. The new account is active again now but loosing my original account has really affected my sales. It’s really discouraging. I’ve been working on a few kits that I really love so that is helping me not give up.

I panicked a little when Genesis made their announcement, but I got to order some paint so I think I’ll be ok for a little while.

My kit stash is out of control so I keep telling myself that I need to either not buy so much or get painting faster than I’m buying so my stash doesn’t get any bigger. So far I haven’t managed to do either.

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I know about that “stash” thing. There’s NO way on God’s green earth that I can possibly paint what I have before I die. LOL

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Me, either. I now store my kits with the invoices so whoever has to clean out my house can sell them for what they’re worth.


Thats a great idea!!! :grin:

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Hey that’s a really good idea, I’ll have to do that. I don’t buy many kits anymore, I’ve kinda lost my mojo, besides I have so many anyway.

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What is your ebay seller name or can you post a link?

Here ya go!!!

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Doing my best, I forgot my YouTube password, had it saved in my computer but when i did an IOS update it erased my password. I have tried everything to get back in but it’s like my channel disappeared. It’s up but I just can’t get in, not giving up.


That has to be so frustrating…especially after all the hard work and hours you have spent…:sleepy:

kWell, Thank goodness you’re NOT giving up. Keep working at it, I’m in withdrawal!!!

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Did you ever get your YouTube figured out???