Hole in the swirl

Why do so many people leave a big hole in the swirl? Not criticizing, just wondering.


I don’t like a hole in the swirl, either. :confused:

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This is my 19 month old… Her swirl is very noticeable. Can see skin…

The picture is crappy sorry. She wouldn’t stay still… lol


All 3 of my kids had a hole in the swirl. My Husband is 46 and he still has one lol. His little bald spot haha.


A 19 month old that won’t stay still? What a concept! LOL


There is hair in the center of the swirl but because it’s the “start” of the hair (no hair on top of it), it’s very thin. I think the painted hair usually over-dramatizes that aspect.

Here’s images of real babies.


If I could ever root a swirl that was worth looking at, I would not leave a big hole. Thinner hair maybe, but not no hair. I think it looks unfinished. That said, I wish I could root like some of those people that leave the hole. I am hoping to overcome this at the rooting class this summer at ROSE, but rooting the swirl is not my forte.


I don’t like that either, and don’t paint that way.

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I do not leave a hole, but that spot will always be lighter because the hair goes from there in every direction and you can see the skin. How much depends on how thick the hair is. When painting, I usually give the area little wash in the hair colour so it does not stand out so much.