Hold this baby for a minute

So, I have a division in my house about these babies. At first, no one wanted to touch them. Since I’ve had them around a little while, no one is creeped put anymore.

My oldest son is 19. He fell absolutely in love with them! He especially likes my first full body silicone. :grin: He likes them so much, he has decided to paint one. He is working on Felicity Asleep. He wants to be a dad in the worst way but he also knows he isn’t ready for that yet. I find it absolutely heart warming that he wants to he a dad that much. When I say, “hey hold this baby for a minute”, I’m lucky to get back within the hour. The one in this picture is a AD doll that is vinyl but he really liked her.

My youngest son does not like them at all. If I ask him to hold a baby for a minute, that’s all I have before he finds a place to plop it down. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes::grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

I asked my husband to hold a baby today while I gathered my purse and keys to leave. I came back to get the baby and he was just comfy as a clam.

My middle boy hates them I’m pretty sure. He won’t hold them so no pictures of him. I think it is really nice that they have all decided to be nice to me about the babies even if they don’t particularly like them.


Aww! It’s sweet that at least they’re nice and respectful, even if they don’t love the dolls! I was lucky that all of my family either loved or tolerated them. I used to hide doll parts in my teen brother’s room to freak him out though :joy: He was the only one who absolutely didn’t like them. He wasn’t rude about it, but once asked me to hide my doll parts so he could have a girl over :joy:

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It’s funny that your youngest son won’t even touch it with his hands😂


I don’t collect them, so I guess my family see’s the Art in them and are very proud actually. :slight_smile: My husband is always taking pics of them to show them off :rofl:


Your husband :rofl::laughing::grin:


This is so adorable! Made me smile!

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That is so awesome!!! My kids are the same way as your youngest. My daughter has grown to respect them because they’ve been around almost two years now and has held them to give me an idea if they are weighted well etc and she wants me to reborn her a baby yoda but other than that none of them care. They weren’t really into dolls as kids either.

My husband on the other hand gets all nostalgic about our kids when they were little and does the instinctual mom rock. He’s always dirty from the garage or work so he doesn’t hold them often :rofl:


So lovely to see your husband sitting in a chair leggs up and relax :+1: :relaxed:


That is so sweet! How awesome that your oldest wants to get into painting! I bet you are thrilled. Keep us updated on his progress!

I have slowly started to convert my family. My mom and one of my sisters have babies of their own now! It’s so fun when your family enjoys the same things you do.


Aww that’s so adorable, my eldest daughter hated them when I first started painting them, now she is my realism tester, she always has the first cuddle and holds them in lots of different ways to see if they feel real,
Sometimes they make her broodie, she has a two year old daughter who she had solo and is a donor baby and because of the cost of that and her now health issues (chronic arthritis) she will never have anymore children so she really enjoys having a quick cuddle with each one


What a lovely picture of your daughter with a reborn .

I’m glad she go to have a baby! I love this picture with a reborn too!

That’s too funny!!! Your poor brother. :laughing:

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He did that with our real children a time or two. I use to get so upset at him for it. I was afraid they would roll off of his legs. These ones dont move so now it’s cute. Lol!!