Ok so, my girls had 2 weeks off of school. They went with my husband’s parents for a few days to see their little cousin so I figured that I would work on reborn Heather from BB.

And then… they got home and my 10 year old daughter got in to my makeup and gave Heather a make over…

She’s for my 5 year old neighbor so I think it’s ok her mom thinks she will love it she’s very shimmery and shiny because her mom thinks she will want that


Oh no! That’s one of those laugh/cry moments, glad it’s going to a 5 year old who loves shinny things:)

Ohhhhh I was so upset I wanted to go cry in bed… Turned out fine I guess

Up next is Miss Celeste she is my favorite kit from BB so I’m extremely excited to create her for myself I want to make her a horror baby but still can’t choose.,. I’m down to 3 options, vamp baby zombaby, or a ghost baby


The makeup should just wash right off.

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Can’t you take the make up off? If you gave it away like that, it might rub off on the clothes.


Yep, what @Phassell and @EnchantedOrphanage said… The make up should come off easily. I definitely wouldn’t get rid of it like that. :grimacing:

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I would wash it as well because it won’t stay anyway…even if all doesn’t come off and some has stained it will look better if you wasn’t the majority off :wink:

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Thanks guys, the make up is all wiped off but stained really bad and I don’t know why I even tried mentholated spirit (my preferred method of stripping) so I told the mother but she said she thinks her daughter will be blown away with excitement so she’s sealed up and ready to meet her mommy in the morning!