HMMM.....Just Wondering

Happened to see this auction that ended last night and it leaves me with several questions/concerns.
When did Kinsey become 26"?
She states that Kinsey has an armature and can sit up, but no pictures depict her in that way.

Which one for BBs Kinsey?

Sorry. Forgot to post the link. … 256cbebe5d

If you really look at the photo with long jeans on this doll, it looks like her legs are possibly joined to a fabric body at the knee level and whoever put this together, put their own created body on. The doll isn’t really proportionate looking in that photo. That would account for the size, and weight of that doll. And, if you look at the first few photos - it almost doesn’t look like the same doll because of the posing. Weird.

That is just Crazy!! Kinsey with the bidy that BB sales for it barely makes it 20 inch!! If it was 26 inch then its head is way to small for its body!!! becauce that would make her the size of Cookie!!! LOL

someone is going to be VERY disappointed when they open their box…

I think this is a case of someone not quite knowing what they were doing and seeing this as a quick way to make money. And someone was silly enough to reinforce the idea by buying that poor
misshapen baby.

— Begin quote from “Brat247”

not to sound mean so please dont take it that way BUT that doll sound for almost $200…and well look at it! Im sorry but i bust my butt and make what I think are some awesome reborns and lately cant sell for anything…I just dont get it…

— End quote

My thoughts EXACTLY! Sometimes I actually wonder if these auctions are for real…I mean, like, honestly…someone paid that much for THAT BABY and ours just sit there??? Ugh

That was my thoughts exactly -The baby is not on the right body (unless shes been on a streaching rack!) I personally do not think the baby was worth that money

i see now wow the pic with the legs in the jeans it looks like her ankle was broken something scary is happening here.

Something definitely doesn’t seem right about this auction and baby. If you look at her completed listings, this Kinsey was on auction 4 times~3 of which on the same day.

Here is the link to another baby she did the end of January. Positive feedback was left for this one.
There is a youtube video link included at the bottom of the auction.

The body on Taite looks too long too. It also says she is making her own bodies. On the video the head just doesn’t look right when she moves the blanket out of the way. Well, someone somewhere likes the doll I guess.