Hip Hip Hooray! I can now root with a forked needle!

I’ve been trying to figure out these forked needles what seems like forever. I can now root with a forked needle on command, lol. I started with the #4485 - 40 Gauge FORKED Needles and now I’m going to try the #4486 - 42 Gauge FORKED Needles.

Now I know why people love these needles they don’t break or bend and it’s super easy to single hair directionally root from the end.

Maybe I should try it again. Are you using a needle holder?

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Maybe I should try it again. Are you using a needle holder?

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I don’t use a holder, I use the little bend at the end as a guide’ with these forked ones the bend should point down.

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Where did you buy your needles?

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Bountiful baby has some.
http://www.bountifulbaby.com/seaside/in … =t&d=false

I should have some soon… Anxious to give them a try…

I don’t know if I have the courage to try again! On the other hand, now rooting with regular needles is so easy that I wonder why it was so hard at first. It took forever (or at least it felt that long!) to get hair to go in and that was with the super rooter 36 gauge needle from Bloomers and Bows. Now that I look back, it might also have been the llama hair from my cousin since alpaca is supposed to be harder to root. I really miss how straight that hair was though. I may try the forked again but I don’t want to invest in another tool until I can get it to work.

I used to root with the forked all the time but then I started noticing that it was leaving visible holes on some of the vinyls for me so I stopped using them and now use a 42g crown needle with 3 barbs at the tip.