Hi there! Newbie Here!

Hi there! my name is Stevie Marie, but I just go by Stevie, and I am about to try my hand at reborning. I have been admiring the reborn community for years now, since I was about 11 actually, and I will soon have the funds to create my very first reborn. I wanted to come on this forum to gain knowledge in creating my first reborn, and to share my wip’s and such lol. Thanks so much for reading my chatter, I’m so excited to learn from you all!


Welcome, Stevie! You’re going to love reborning and there’s lots of help to be had on this forum. Have you chosen your first kit yet?

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Welcome!! It’s a super fun hobbie to pursue! Dont stress to much, read as much as you can, and enjoy the process. If you’re anything like me, you might get frustrated sometimes, when that happens step back and take some time, sometimes even months. It’s alright to be unsure of what you’re doing, and remember to ask as many questions as you need.

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Hi! I’ve chosen the Kira kit by Iveta Eckertova, here is a prototype picture of the kit. She seems like a simple kit since she’s 3/4 limbs and doesn’t seem to have as many creases as other kits have


Welcome Stevie! This is a very addictive hobby. I hope you end up loving it as much as the rest of us.

A word about creases:
When I began, I chose Sam by Marissa May because it was inexpensive and I too was frightened of creases. I have since chosen to paint realborns almost exclusively because not only are bountiful baby kits more affordable, but I’ve found that the creases really help with the realism. I’ve yet to paint a non-bountiful baby kit due to income limitations, but I’ve heard the quality is comparable to most other company kits and even superior to some of the more expensive kits.

Oops, please forgive my rambling. You will find most artists here are willing to share their knowledge, with only a few of them sitting on their most closely guarded secrets. Lol

So again, welcome! I think you’ll love it here.


Thanks so much! I was actually thinking of either doing the miranda or june kit from bb so we’ll see haha! :blush:


I agree, I find the less creases the more skilled my painting techniques need to be in order to keep the kit from turning out too dolly looking. Realborns have such a nice realism right out of the gate so to speak. But everyone has a different take on things so that’s where a forum of artists can do, give input and we can decide what fits us best! Have fun, it’s a great adventure!

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Welcome! Use the spyglass in the upper right corner to search for anything you want to know. There is a wealth of information on here and before I began, I read and read and read! Enjoy this addictive hobby :blush:

Welcome! This is a very friendly place to be :blush: Looking forward to seeing your work!

Welcome to the forum and exciting Reborning World! Looking forward to see your first (and many more) babies.

That’s a pretty baby. She has enough creases to look real.

Welcome to the forum stevie!

Welcome!! Lots of great people here…and lots of sharing of idea :slight_smile:

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A very warm welcome. I’m new here too but I hope you will this forum as welcoming and informative as I do.

Never seen this kit- she’s adorbs!

Welcome to the Forum! @myoungbabes

Welcome to the forum! You will love it on here.

Welcome! I just started in April and this forum has given me a wealth of information. I am on my fourth baby.

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Welcome to the forum you will find a bunch of lovely, helpful ladies here. Ask questions and enjoy yourself.