Hi, I'm new

Hello, I’m new here. You guys can call me Trinket or Trink, I’m 23(just turned 23 September 1st!) and a women. I just purchased a Caleb kit a few minutes ago and am excited for it to arrive!

I’ve always wanted a reborn ever since I was little and went to my first doll and teddy bear show with my mum(who is a doll collector, she started out with “My twinns” and ran a group called “our twinns” for 10 years, she’s now mostly interested in ball joint dolls(BJD’s) but still has a few twinns. Her screen name is QZ or QZanny if anybody here knows her, she used to call me Posy when she talked about me). We’ve never had a reborn and I’m very excited to try and make my own.

Does anybody know a good tutorial for painting a preemie? This is my first time doing any painting on a doll besides some eyebrows and lips. I know I can ask my mum for help too, but I’d really like to try and do this by myself.

I’m so excited to finally be getting into the world of reborns! :smile:


Hi Tink! Welcome to the forum! I’m of no help on the preemie, but I’m excited for you to get him and paint him! I’m sure you can find lots of tutorials online, and someone can probably suggest a good one to you on here. I hope you enjoy your stay!

Hi Trink, Welcome to the forum. I don’t know of any tutorials for preemies, but usually any tutorial for a newborn kit will work. Usually preemies have redder skin and pronounced mottling and may be a little more jaundiced or have a little more blue in them when just born, but not all of them. The look really varies among babies. Have fun and make sure you post pictures. We love to see how you are doing.

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Welcome Trink! You’ll find plenty of help here! I would say, like otterbaby2 that there are lots of tutorials out there and any newborn tutorial will suffice. Caleb is very easy to reborn. I just did memorial Caleb twins, and the sculpt is just so preemie that it’s hard to fail. Lara Antonucci has some very good tutorials for sale at pretty reasonable prices. She has an advanced preemie tutorial.


If you get excited about Caleb and want to buy clothes, the standard preemie clothes will be a bit to big on him. You need to buy small preemie clothes available from places like Jacquie’s Preemie Pride etc.

Have fun!

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Hi Trink, nice to meet you. It’s nice to have you with us, you will learn so much as you embark on your journey so if you have questions just ask away. There is so many wonderful members here just waiting to help. Can’t wait to see your Caleb when he’s all finished, I know you’re real excited about him as we all have been with our first babies. But take your time and don’t try to rush him and you will be much happier in the end. Good Luck and Welcome !!

Welcome, Trink! Here’s a preemie tutorial:

Preemie Tutorial by Malainne Kelly


Amy is our link queen! If there is a link to be had, Amy will find it!!!


Hi Tink! Here is a preemie tutorial I ran into earlier this week. It has lots of pics :slight_smile:


Here’s another good one;


LOL!!! :wink:

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Hi Trink and welcome to the forum. I can’t wait to see your little Caleb.

Hey, Mell is also new on here and is also doing Caleb. You two should talk!

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Welcome Trink!!!

Mine is supposed to be here tomorrow too!

He came! Started a new thread about it